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What exactly are those SALTY crystals that I sweat out?(3 posts)

What exactly are those SALTY crystals that I sweat out?boy nigel
Jun 1, 2001 3:53 PM

I've mentioned here before that I sweat A LOT. I'm in pretty decent shape and drink a decent amount of water, but after every ride, I've got those nasty, super-salty crystals on my helmet straps. On long, hot rides, even the back of my jersey has salty marks on it (I guess the material wicks the salty stuff to the outside--the jersey's doing it's job, that's for sure!).

I'm not trying to gross anyone out here (Sorry if I did, really), but I'm interested in what the makeup of these salty crystals is (just salt? electolytes? something else?). Should I be learning somethat that my body's trying saltily to tell me? Does anyone out there suffer from this syndrome? As badly?

Also, can anyone suggest some drink they've used that would help alleviate these chemicals being lost?

Big thanks,
Sweaty (I mean, Nigel) :)
saltDuane Gran
Jun 1, 2001 4:26 PM
It is salt, however the reason that it remains in crystals and clumps is because the water evaporates, leaving the salt behind. It's nothing to be self conscious about, but if it helps any, typically in the spring yoru sweat is more salty than in the summer and fall. As the body adapts to the heat the salt concentration in sweat decreases.
Thanks, Duane.boy nigel
Jun 2, 2001 12:23 PM
Hadn't thought of it this way, really. Makes perfect sense. Sweat contains a gang of salt/sodium, but the water dries up in the wind or wicks away from my jersey, leaving only the more solid chemical compounds. I suppose/hope that it's extra salt that I'm sweating out; the body's usually pretty good about getting rid of excess stuff (except body fat--Doh!!).