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Loose Screws reopens!(2 posts)

Loose Screws reopens!cory
Jun 1, 2001 9:55 AM
This is not an ad, and I don't work for the company...but I just got this from Loose Screws, the tools/parts place in Oregon that was supposed to close in March. Good news for people with older bikes or non-Shimagnolo components:
"Loose Screws Bicycle Parts will reopen for business on September 1, 2001. When we published our Third Hand/Loose Screws closeout catalog in November 2000, we did intend to fully close down our operation. After more than 20 years in the industry, however, closing up shop entirely was harder than we imagined. We have decided to scale back our operation by eliminating most of the tools and to continue with basic and hard-to-find bicycle parts. (We also have some great tools and books left at closeout prices.) Come September, we'll be taking orders via our web site and via FAX. sorry, no phone sales. We will be on a bicycle tour this Summer, but while we are gone, please check our web site and enter our September 2001 Tips ‘n Tricks contest. The winner, which you can help to determine, will receive a $250 gift certificate. Just imagine. if you win, you'll be able to stock up on cables, casings, ball bearings, shifters, headsets, brakes, etc.! Do you know a friend (or a charity) who might benefit from this offer? Please spread the word and check our site at to enter. Sincerely, Jeff and Jean Gilmore Loose Screws Bicycle Parts"
great news!Hank
Jun 1, 2001 11:08 AM
I never bought tools from them, anyway, just parts. I stocked up in the beginning of the year but I'm sure I'll think of more stuff I need by Spetember.