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Newbie to Road, Buy a Bulls Bike?(11 posts)

Newbie to Road, Buy a Bulls Bike?SSgt Jeremy in Germany
Jun 1, 2001 6:33 AM
I am going to buy my first road bike and curious if anyone has ever heard of a brand by the name of Bulls. I am stationed in Germany and I can get a all aluminum bike with full Ultegra components with double or triple ring for right at $900. The Germany bike shop said the frames are made in tawain and they dont have any in stock and I would have to order it. Is this a good deal? The bike can be viewed at I used to ride a mountain bike when I was living in the states, but I crashed and broke my wrist, and would like to try road biking. The German Mark to US Dollar rate is great here right now and I am trying not to buy a crap bike, is it ok to buy a bike without riding it first? Thanks for any help you can offer.
Never heard of it....Greg Taylor
Jun 1, 2001 7:57 AM
...and buying a bike without riding it IS a crapshoot, especially for someone new to this discipline (By the way, welcome!). If it were my first decent road bike, I'd ride it first to see what fit and what doesn't.
Go to a different bayou
Jun 1, 2001 2:27 PM
There are piles of shops in Germany with great bikes. Plan on breaking your other wrist. Get your bike and get down to Graff. Prepare for suffering.

De Oppresso Liber!
ThanksSSgt Jeremy in Germany
Jun 1, 2001 4:35 PM
I have been to all the shops within 1 hour or so, I am stationed at Spangdahlem AB, its in the Eifel Region, hilly terrain. But its also rural, so not alot of big towns to bike shop. However, I have found a shop with a German make bike, I wish I could remember the name, I will go there tomorrow and ride it probably. It has 105 components though, and is actually more than the unriden unseen Bulls bike with Ultegra. I dont want to ever break a wrist, that was 8 weeks in a cast! 4 weeks of it was in a cast clear to my shoulder. Pure hell in the hot summer heat working in a hot hanger. What is Graff? I have seen some germans riding ocasionally, big groups of 30 or more, but they look like experienced road riders unlike me. I cant wait to tackle some of the big hills around here.
Graff is way south, on the Austrian bayou
Jun 1, 2001 6:09 PM
Pure alpine adventure awaits. Check out AAFES, they might have something in country, special order catalog type thing. Ask around for Italian bikes. Belgium is another serious cycling country.
Graff is way south, on the Austrian border.SSgt Jeremy in Germany
Jun 1, 2001 10:10 PM
THere is a bike shop on base, not AAfES ran though. They offer Canondale and also some Italian bikes. I would love to buy the Canondale, US owned, made in holland, but they are pricey, and I can forget about the Italian bikes, they are way out there. I am only a 30 minute drive from Luxemburg, not much more for Belgium. I would love to make it to Graff, however, I have a wife and 15th month old daughter, so breaking away for something like that is hard. I have to beg to get a bike, how sad.
Why not get a Cdale?blue bayou
Jun 2, 2001 7:53 PM
If they have one at a price you can work with, why not? Can you say DPP?
re: Newbie to Road, Buy a Bulls Bike?nutmegger
Jun 1, 2001 7:23 PM
Jeremy, You are in beautiful riding country. Used to be in Army unit which provided air defense for Spang, Bitburg and Hahn. I'd stay away from the Bulls without first riding. My guess is that it's a lousy frame dressed up in nice Ultegra components; otherwise how can they get to that price. Two things; get a bike and ride up and down them hills in the Mosel valley and when you're down have a Bitburger for me. Bitte ein Bit
re: Newbie to Road, Buy a Bulls Bike?SSgt Jeremy in Germany
Jun 1, 2001 10:19 PM
Ah Bitburger, I actually live in the closed Bitburg AB housing which they kept open for people stationed at Spangdahlem. I can see the Bitburg Brewery from my housing unit, and smell it too. Of course that means I have to drive the "most dangerous road in Germany" to work, B-50. The Mosel Valley is beautiful as can be and I should be able to ride it from home when I get in shape, its not far away. The best is wine though, the sweetest in the world. On the bike frame, you can view a picture of it if you like at the model 600. If you look closely at it, the downtube from the seat is actually made to be shaped with aero properties in mind. Would that mean its more advanced than other frames? Or does that mean they are just dressing it up? I am going to look at more shops in Trier tomorrow, I have found one shop there in particualar that is real helpful.
re: Newbie to Road, Buy a Bulls Bike?nutmegger
Jun 2, 2001 3:45 PM
Jeremy, I checked the website as you suggested. The 600 actually looks like a very nice bike and kind of reminds me of a Look. It got me to thinking that thought that went into designing the frame would be inconsistent with a lower end product. I then went to look at the exchange rate for marks and nearly passed out. In my three years there it was DM2=$1 for a total of exactly one day the rest of the time it was around DM1.50. I guess what I'm saying is that the Bulls might be a bargain. Afterall I got a nice new BMW there through the Canadian PX which sold three years later after returning CONUS for more than I paid for it. I also got to thinking about the German knack for engineering and think I may have been too hasty in my assessment. Do you know when they'll have more 600's in? It may well be worth the wait. See if you can sniff out any roadies over there to help you w/ the decision process who can go to the shop with you.
re: Newbie to Road, Buy a Bulls Bike?SSgt Jeremy in Germany
Jun 2, 2001 10:45 PM
Thanks for replying, ya they can get me a 600 triple by the end of June or first of July. I do know one fella that is a roadie, however he really belives in C-dale, and I think they are great bikes. Its just with the exchange rate so good, i would like to buy german, and get better components. The lowest the exchange rate has been since i've been here is 1.99 and everybody was winning about that! Well, i'm not sure what to think, I will ride the Corratec and see what I think of that. Also I am going to go back to the Bulls shop and look at there Bulls MTBs they have in stock, maybe I can judge the overall quality from that, i mean if there MTB frames are good quality, perhaps the road bikes are the same. At least I know the Ultegra components would be up to standards. Thanks again.