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Axial Pro's...(5 posts)

Axial Pro's...RoadKill
Jun 1, 2001 12:35 AM
Made a purchase of some Axial Pro Lites (green), not know that I bought the lites. 190 a large frame cyclist, I dont know if these tires are going to hold up. Any of ya'll run these tires, can they hold up to alot of stress with 115 psi. on a Crit course? I know they are rated for 110 lbs.

Do you weigh more thanMoe
Jun 1, 2001 10:08 AM
the rated 110lbs? If so, then you are too heavy. Go with a tire that is rated greater than your weight.
Do you weigh more thanCanidraftyou
Jun 2, 2001 10:26 PM
Sorry Moe,
Your a damb shit! PSI does not equal the weight of the rider.
Total BS!!vram
Jun 3, 2001 12:36 AM
Unless you made that statement in a lighter vein, you really have no clue on tires and should keep your erroneous opinions to yourself.

I don't know of any rider in the pro peloton who weighs 110 lbs, are you saying that none of the pros should ride Axial pros???!!@@* I weigh 170 lbs, should I give up cycling cause I can't find a tyre that will inflate to 175 psi?

Regarding the original query--the axial pro light will wear faster than the regular ones. Your weight shouldn't compromise the safety of the tyres. Axial Pro lights (on sale @ CC for $35) are recommended only for racing. Using them for training wouldn't be cost-effective and you may face the hassle of fixing frequent flats.
re: Axial Pro's...Mel Erickson
Jun 1, 2001 11:28 AM
No matter what your weight these tires will not be as durable as regular Axial Pros (which aren't generally know for their durability). They will be more prone to flats, cuts, snake bites, etc. More weight (heavier rider) just exacerbates the problem. Will they hold up to your weight? Unless you are more than, say, 250 they should work for a time. I would inspect them carefully and frequently. Crits will be hard on them regardless of your weight. I would pump them up unless you enjoy snakebite flats. 115 should be no problem. My experience is most quality tires can be pumped up over the recommended psi and 5 lbs is not much over. Your guage probably has that much of a calibration error.