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Rolf Wheel Maintenance(3 posts)

Rolf Wheel Maintenancegmagee
May 31, 2001 4:24 PM
I know many of you out there in cyber space are riding Rolf Vector comp wheels, and I would like to know if anyone does there own maintenance on the hubs.
I would like to shorten my learning curve. (It has been expensive in the past.)
I have looked at Third Hand for specific tools and have fond none. I have looked at the Park tool web site again zero.
I am not to fond of any of the LBS in my area, especially to ask how to do something myself so I dont have to give them my business.
Also have looked at the Zinn book, Sheldon Brown, and Rolf web sites.
Hope someone can assist me in this.
re: Rolf Wheel MaintenanceTim Peters
May 31, 2001 5:56 PM
Unfortunately I think the tools are only sold to bike stores. I know you have to be certified to rebuild the wheels so they mostlikely don't sell the tools or allow them to be made.

I am not 100% on this but I know by LBS had to take a test to be certified.
re: Rolf Wheel Maintenancegmagee
May 31, 2001 9:49 PM
Thanks; I am afraid you are probably correct on this.
I was wondering if any one of the resouceful wrenches out there has delved into their own hubs, or do all Rolf wheel riders drop them of at a shop.
On this note what has been the turn-a-round time in your experiance.

Can anyone recommend a good hub that is easy to service at home. My last bike had Suntour hubs that I loved, but alas can not be had any more.