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New bike(2 posts)

New bikeJonthan Faro
May 31, 2001 12:31 PM
I'm thinking of getting a new road bike as my second hand Peugeot Touriste isnt up to it frankly and weighs 27lb. I've looked at the reviews and the giant OCR from 2000 has good reviews and the 2001 has been upgraded but hasnt got a thread on the reviews so what do you think of that for £500. I'm also looking at the Saracen range as I'm appliing for a job at halfords, halfords sell sarcens so discount if you get my meaning. My budget is about £500 - £700

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re: New bikeLimey rider
Jun 1, 2001 8:34 AM
I've just been looking for (and bought) a bike in the same price range. I tried the OCR 1 and 2 - both reasonable rides but I couldn't see (or feel) the advantage of the sloping top tube for a bike at this level. I also tried Trek 1000 which has had good reviews but cheapo components put me off and the ride was not the best. In the end I went for a Scott AFD Comp (not many dealers in UK though)as it felt and fitted the best - at the end of the day this is all you can go on. If you do go for the OCR and can afford £700 I'd go for the OCR 1 with the Tiagra gears - I didn't like the Sora and you will probably have seen duff reviews on this site.