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Cannondale R2000si vs. Trek 5200 !(8 posts)

Cannondale R2000si vs. Trek 5200 !Crash
May 31, 2001 7:58 AM
I keep coming back to the Cannondale, but last night I took the Trek 5200 for a ride and really liked that as well. (so much that I had to swing by the Cannondale dealer for a quick ride to compare). Since the Trek's run a little small the 58 fits me very well, as well as the 56 C-dale. They both are stiff, pedal well and climb great. The Trek is a little more comfortable, the C-dale a little 'snappier'. I think the C-dale seems to be a little better balanced, at least to me, plus comes with the Mavic 'K' wheels. Anybody else choose between these two ??? Help !!!
re: Cannondale R2000si vs. Trek 5200 !Len J
May 31, 2001 8:14 AM
What does your gut/heart say?

What distance are you going to ride? Longer the ride/ the more comfort is important.

Snappier?? Is this important to the type of riding you will be doing?

What does better balanced mean?

What is the biggest negative of each bike? (can it be cured? i.e. Hate the stem on bike x, but LBS will let me swap out for $50, this might change my decision)

Is money comparable? If you put the K's on the 5200 would that change your mind? (Are the k'S swinging the decision to the Cannondale? What swap out options will the LBS allow?)

Are you more comfortable with the service of one of the LBS vs the other?

I don't ask these questions to push you one way or the other, just to help you clarify what is important to you, I find that If I can get clear on what is attracting me, I can get clear on why & wether it is really important or not. Once I do this then I trust my instinct. A bike that I am emotionally attached to I will ride more. & enjoy more.

Good luck with your purchase. Do the work then trust your gut & don't look back.
re: Cannondale R2000si vs. Trek 5200 !Rusty Coggs
May 31, 2001 9:39 AM
The Cdale has a 56cm toptube,vs. 57cm for the Trek ,and a .5* steeper seattube angle.I think you are right in you subjective evaluation of the 'feel' of each one. I ride both, a 58 trek and a 57 Cdale and have not been able to fall in love with either. Neither would be my choice if i could have 'just one'.Both are great for shorter rides,but for longer rides on more demanding surfaces,I prefer any of my good steel rides. Just MHO, others will differ.
Go with Carbonvram
May 31, 2001 10:24 AM
Both are great bikes being ridden in the pro peloton and winning major stage and one-day races (steel bikes are a rarity among pros and for a reason). I would go with the Trek5200 since carbon has all the good qualities of aluminum without the bad ones. Carbon is stiff, light, vertically compliant and expensive. In this case, the aluminum is as expensive, not as light, a little stiffer, not as compliant. On top of that, aluminum has a finite life due to fatigue, carbon has no such limitations.

Having said that, the Cannondale has better components (very little CODA mostly Ultegra, Cinelli handlebar, Ksyrium wheelset). The Trek doesn't have as nice as a wheelset and the Icon rail fork, seatpost and parts suck (from what I hear).
re: Cannondale R2000si vs. Trek 5200 !Marcy S
May 31, 2001 1:32 PM
That's too funny, because those were the two exact bikes I was deciding between. I really loved both, but I opted for the Cannondale instead. The look/fit, the Ksyrium rims, the Conti Grand Prix wheels, ultegra components, and a lifetime free tuneup at a great LBS was what sold me. I can honestly say that I don't regret that decision one bit.

Not to be too confusing, but both bikes are great. So either way you go- you win! I know of three people who have the Trek 5200 and are really happy with it.

BTW, the R2000si looks sweet in yellow and rides like a dream! :)

Good luck and let us know which one you decide on.

re: Cannondale R2000si vs. Trek 5200 !voitto
May 31, 2001 2:43 PM
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re: Cannondale R2000si vs. Trek 5200 !got2ryd
May 31, 2001 7:28 PM
i had the same decision in addition to the lemond zurich. after test rides, i chose the c'dale. i thought it was quicker, fit me better and was more comfortable......maybe cuz it fit better. but, all in all, for an al bike, its comfortable as heck. it is more comfy than my old steel specialized sirrus. i thought the carbon frame felt kind of dead.....not as snappy or lively feeling. comfy, but not for me. you need to test ride until youre sure which is for you.
And the winner is: Cannondale R2000siCrash
May 31, 2001 10:36 PM
First of all thanks to everyone for the helpful comments! Although I really liked the 5200 as well (great bike), the R2000si just fit me better, 'felt' better, seemed a little better in low and high speed handling, and I also think it looks awesome !
Also, in case anyone is interested in a C-Dale and you live in SoCal, Helens in Santa Monica is having a big sale on selected models starting this Monday. $1350 for a 2001 R1000 (not the si), $2199 for a 2001 R2000si !