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Calfee(4 posts)

May 30, 2001 9:06 PM
I am looking for some input on the Tetra Pro or the Luna. I am seriously thinking of buying one ,and would like some feed back. Also having a problem choosing color.
re: Calfeedbo
May 30, 2001 11:00 PM
I have also been looking at a Calfee. I put about seven hours on a Luna Pro the other weekend and was quite impressed. It was very stiff in the bottom bracket but very comfy through the seat tube. You could really feel that all your energy was going to the back wheel. It tracked as true as could be even over the roughest roads and carved 65km downhill turns very well. This bike had the full carbon AME Q fork. If I order one I will get it with the Renolds Ouzo Pro. As for the finish, I myself like the clear coat over the raw carbon. If I was to go for a paint job I would probably go for a custom Colnago type of thing, but thats just me. As for the Tetra Pro, The dealer I have in my area who rides a Tetra said there is very little if any noticable difference between the two and for $1000 can. more it wasn't worth it unless I felt like spending more money. I will at least ride a Tetra before I make a decision. Just for comparison my current ride is a 853 steel Lemond Zurich which rides awesome but it definetly has a more flexy BB. The Lemond has a great feel for the road and tracks very well but the Calfee although it doesn't have that steel feel, it still gives you a good feel of the road and tracks like an arrow. So the bottom line is if you do deside to go this route, I can't see you not being happy.

My 2 cents
re: Calfee ColorMrCelloBoy
May 31, 2001 9:25 AM
We're about to order a Tetra Tetra Tandem. Looking at DuPont Chromalusion Blazberry (colorshift paint) fading to clearcoated carbon on the fork and chain and seatstays!

Go for something wild!
Tetra Proterry b
May 31, 2001 12:37 PM
I've been riding a Tetra Pro for about a year - it's a great bike if you like the feel of carbon fiber. Stiff in acceleration, dampens road noise very effectively. From a customer service standpoint, Calfee can't be beat. I bought mine used and the guy who built it made some major errors that I chose to fix myself. Craig Calfee himself answered all my eMails and provided me with some parts free of charge to get me back up and going.

Color-wise - mine is the Ruby Red Carbon Fade you can see on their web site. It's a nice looking bike, a mix of solid with see-through clear coated carbon on the back end.