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Ritchey Road Tires(7 posts)

Ritchey Road TiresMeDotOrg
May 30, 2001 3:14 PM
I'm continuing my search for the Holy Grail of Street Tires: Something with low rolling resistance that will last 1,000+ miles without collecting every rock and piece of glass in the Western Hemisphere. (I'm willing to give up some comfort and wet weather performance in this equation).

Currently (only a few hundred miles) I'm favorably impressed with Panaracer Pasela TGs, although I'm having difficulty finding them with a kevlar (folding) bead. I'll wait until after the Aids Ride to post anything more...

I'm wondering if anyone has tried Ritchey Road Tires? Any good? No reviews on this site....
I have Tom Mix (or Max, I'm not sure which) that I've usedbill
May 30, 2001 4:21 PM
through the winter. They've probably had more use on the rollers than anywhere else. They're fine. Got them on sale. Pretty comfy. Nothing special, really. That's about all I could say; they're fine if you get them on sale.
Colorado Cyclist has some tires on blowout clearance, including Specialized Team Pro for, I think, $10. They're pretty fast and seemingly bulletproof (although I know that others have complained, they've held up for me). They're not bad tires. I wouldn't pay $50 for them, but $10 is a deal.
RitcheysGreg Taylor
May 30, 2001 7:06 PM
I've used their 'cross tires - pretty good.

Speaking of Panaracers, they make GREAT tires. I'm using a set of Panaracer Stradius tires -- their entry into the "high end" road tire scene. Great tires -- so far about 2k miles with lots of life left. Good grip, low rolling resistance, and decent in the wet. I don't know if they still make them, but I would love to buy another set...
Panaracersbianchi boy
May 31, 2001 6:17 AM
I just bought some Panaracer Stradius tires from Performance on sale for about $25 each. Haven't used them but seemed like a good tire for the price, and I like the blue sidewalls.
PanaracersGreg Taylor
May 31, 2001 6:58 AM
I just got my Performance catalog and there they are! Thanks...I may pick up an extra set.
re: Ritchey Road Tirespeloton
May 30, 2001 10:26 PM
I have used the Tom Slick. It had an okay ride quality, low price, and was respectably light. It was nothing exceptional, but okay for a training tire. The biggest negative that I saw was very low mileage on the three sets I used. Only about 1000 miles, and after that mileage they would flat so much it was silly.
My Ritchey Speed Max tires just melted awayAlex R
May 31, 2001 9:12 AM
Granted, you can't expect a cross tire to hold up when it gets significant pavement time, as these did. However, after just a few hundred miles those knobbies were baby head bald.