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Close call this morning - glad to be alive(X-post from mtbr)(2 posts)

Close call this morning - glad to be alive(X-post from mtbr)Biking Viking
May 30, 2001 2:17 PM
Normal Wednesday detour on the commute this morning. Up Redwood Gulch - Hwy9, Skyline over to Page Mill - a nice little 35 miler that provides the necessary energy boost for a long day in the office.

Page Mill is the mother of all switchback descents in the Bay Area. Steep and lots of really sharp turns - and it's a lot of fun - close to the point where road riding is almost as much fun as mountain biking. I usually get a minute or two on my co-worker, who likes to play safe down these roads. I've never crashed on a road bike, and I haven't crashed on my mountain bike in two years, so I feel invincible - pushing the envelope a little more each time. Still, the VaMoots seems to be able to handle a lot more than my psyche does. It sticks to the line I give it no matter how fast I go. I have no idea yet how much this bike can take.

Then - at the intersection of Page Mill and Moody Rd. I stop and wait for my partner. He catches up and we start rolling down Moody.


My front tube explodes. I'm only at 20mph, but the bike is uncontrollable. I brake hard and try to steer but the bike goes straight across the road and I manage to come to a halt in a cloud of dust outside the pavement on the other side of the road. No crash - no damage, except to my front tube. The 2" tear I guess is caused by the tube getting pinched between the rim and the tire when I changed it last week.

Anyway - I find myself really thankful that that tube did not happen a couple of minutes earlier when I was going as much as 45mph and leaning so hard over in the turns I felt I could turn my head and kiss the pavement.

Lessons learned:

1. S#it CAN happen at the worst possible spot - but I was lucky this time.
2. Be a little more careful next time I put on a tire - especially in the front.

re: Close call this morning - glad to be alive(X-post from mtbr)MrCelloBoy
May 30, 2001 2:31 PM
I was advised recently, by a technician at Rivendell Cycles, that wire bead tires are less likely to come off of a rim, with a flat, than kevlar beaded tires. I plan to run wire-bead only on my tandem in the future.