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Tahoe on June 3rd(24 posts)

Tahoe on June 3rdcycleguy
May 30, 2001 12:22 AM
Anyone riding this Sunday at Lake Tahoe? Would be nice to say hello along the ride.

re: Tahoe on June 3rdDINOSAUR
May 30, 2001 12:25 AM
No, I live close to that neck of the woods, but we have other plans for that weekend. You picked a good day, the weather should be beautiful. Have a nice ride....
Planned to, but life's getting in the way...cory
May 30, 2001 9:56 AM
I live right up the road, and I'd been thinking about doing it. Unfortunately my wife came into a little unexpected money and she wants to go to Hawaii...(that's a sincere "unfortunately"--I have a pretty low tolerance for full-throttle tourist places. We'll have fun, but there are lots of things I'd rather do for that amount of money).
That's a great ride, except for a shoulder 2 inches wide on most of it. You'll have a good time.
Planned for it the last 3 years....shmoo
May 30, 2001 9:09 PM
...with my bro-in-law-riding-partner, but there always seems to be something more pressing that ends up in that week end. This year it's my daughter's graduation at CSU Northridge. Someday.....
re: I hit a pedestrian his morningmadbadger
May 30, 2001 2:53 AM
Bad luck, the worst injuries I ever had on a bike (including race pile ups) were from a guy listening to his walkman stepping into the road as I came by at 28 -30 mph.
Tried to avoid him, he looked up & moved same way as me. Clipped him & landed on my L hip. Fractured neck of femur & 12 wks non wt bearing. Quads disappeared overnight!
He disappeared otherwise I'd have sued his ass for loss of earnings!
Hope the bike & you are OK.
same experience last yearzelig1
May 30, 2001 4:10 AM
Guy stepped into my path with walkman on, against the light. Going about 25mph and caught my left brake lever on his shoulder back strap. Went from 25mph to zero so quickly there was no road rash. Ankle, knee, back and hip (still feel it nearly 11 months later) took the brunt and I broke my helmet. I was just lying there stunned and finally managed to get to the side. Fortunately in England, they generally don't run off and people actually stopped to offer a lift to the hospital. Got his name, phone number and an apology. At my age, 49, you know the hip's going to act up late in life but not much you can do. I generally give pedestrian's a lot of room and continue to do so.
walkman rantDuane Gran
May 30, 2001 5:35 AM
These two stories about hitting pedestrians with their walkmans I think is an all too common experience. Pardon me, but I need to rant just a little, even if it is preaching to the choir.

I absolutely don't understand why walkers/joggers/runners (and even some cyclists) choose to endanger themselves and others by blocking out one of their senses. I especially feel that it is dangerous for women, given the spectre of sexual assault. Mind you, I'm not blaming anyone who is harmed while listening to music, but it is dangerous out there and I would think that people would want to minimize their risks. I even go so far as to say that I'm personally annoyed by people who listen to music in public who proport to be athletes. A real athlete has plenty to think about during the act of exercise and considers music a distraction. (winter indoor training being quite the exception for obvious reasons)

Okay, I've said it. It is good to get it off my chest this morning. Good riding to you all, and may you never have to pass rollerbladers with headphones like I do almost every day.
Just squirt 'em with your bottlepmf
May 30, 2001 6:39 AM
Makes them move right over. Works on dogs too.

Hey Duane, how's the racing career going? Are you a cat 4 yet?
You are my hero!Duane Gran
May 30, 2001 8:28 AM
PMF - Your story months ago about squirting an errant rollerblader has given me a hearty laugh many times, just so you know. I've shared it with several other people and they all dig it.

Actually I will be upgrading to a cat4 next weekend and this weekend I'll just be a spectator at the Capital Cup. The racing is going pretty well, although I've had more than my fair share of crashing, but that is lady luck for you.
May 30, 2001 8:41 AM
I've only had the nerve to do it once. She really deserved it. The thought of her rollerblade boot filling up with sticky cytomax still makes me smile.

It does work well on dogs too. I've zapped several of them with my bottle.

Sounds like your racing is going well. You're a better man than me riding 50 miles in the rain last Saturday. Getting wet Sunday (25 miles from home ... of course) was enough for me. At least Monday was nice. Good luck this summer, Peter.
say "aahhh"Breck
May 30, 2001 8:55 AM
...a nice little verbal touch?

May 30, 2001 10:14 AM
we grduated about 80 students....believe the old school was on Abrahms.

May I add cars ...Humma Hah
May 30, 2001 7:57 AM
... with the windows rolled up, AC on, and stereo blaring? The driver can't hear squat, not even an ambulance with the siren blaring.

The kids with the 1000 W stereos and mega-bass systems thumping down the street with the windows open so we can all enjoy their choice of gangsta rap are certainly no better. However, I take some solace that few of them have alternators sufficiently powerful to keep up with that kind of power drain for long.
& TruckxBreck
May 30, 2001 8:38 AM
i give the back country bikers esp. the euro one's with no helmet a wide berth even crossing over the yellow when ever possible( a sure ticket) up here near julian, east san diego county. the kidds sumtimes have a trunk full of batts and speakers in the fender wells to get their msg.'s out.

ps, us old tymers with the new v8 trucks such as toy tundra(my pik), fords, and dodges are having our late adolescent fun too :)!
slammed honda's vs trukx, they'll lose every time.

re: I hit a pedestrian his morningzelig1
May 30, 2001 4:15 AM
Good thing nobody go the worst of things. See my post below which happened on the Embankment at Vauxhall Bridge. Watch out for those bag straps mate!
re: I hit a pedestrian his morningmadbadger
May 30, 2001 6:35 AM
I'm on a blue specialized, commuting to work in rural Somerset,so you might not hear my shout!

Keep riding
Similar situation, but with an unleashed dog....Cima Coppi
May 30, 2001 7:16 AM
I know exactly what all of you are talking about, and a couple of years ago it happened to me on my commute to work.

I was riding at about 25 mph on a bike path (to try to stay away from car traffic) when another cyclist came riding down an entry ramp onto the path with his unleashed dog. I watch him in front of me as I began to catch up when his dog suddenly stopped in the middle of the path after catching eye of another dog. I skidded to a halt and hit the dog, but my proficient riding skills kept me upright (this time). I yelled at the dog, and the owner slowed down to see what happened. As I started riding again, I passed the owner who apologized to me, but I was so pissed off and pumped with adrenaline I shouted (amazingly, no profanities) at him and told him to get his dog on a leash. He started throwing profanities back at me, but I decided to continue on my way and not continue this confrontation.

I no longer ride that path any more due to the number of people similar to what is discussed above. For cyclists, there is no safe option. Ride on the street where the cars will get you, or ride on the paths where the runners, bladers, rec. cyclists will get you. Here in Denver, we have very few bike lanes, so we really take our lives in our own hands when trying to ride.

Be safe everyone, and happy riding!!!!
It happened twice in 8 yearsThioderek
May 30, 2001 8:09 AM
When I was riding as a messenger pedestrians walking out in front of you was one of the main things to look out for.

The first time was some woman who kept edging out into a redlight. I saw her as I approached the intersection and kept giving her a wider and wider berth. The amazing part was her eyes were glued to the opposite light and she didnt even glance in the direction of the traffic that was approaching. I generally dont like to yell at pedestrians because they usually just get scared and will freeze up or do something unpredictable. I thought I had given her a wide enough berth and was about 5 feet away from her when she decides to run the light. She darts out in front of me and I try to swerve my bike to avoid hitting her. Her handbag strap caught my handlebars (bullhorns) and I was sling-shotted from my bike into the air and across the intersection. I rolled as I landed and got back on my feet and just glared at her. I wasnt hurt which made all the other people waiting for the light laugh at me-go figure. The woman was holding her hand to her mouth and started apologizing. I was trying to figure out why people were laughing at me, picked up my bike, told her to watch out and rolled off. I still havent figured out why they were laughing at me. Maybe it was because they could see I wasnt hurt; still no reason to laugh.

When I told the story to some of my messenger friends, they told me that they would hit people with u-locks if they stepped into the street in the way. I never have gotten that crazy.
Try a traffic cop's whistleGadfly
May 30, 2001 8:46 AM
In high pedestrian traffic. Gets their attention as they're about to step off the curb.
I almost hit a little kid a few years ago...mk_42
May 30, 2001 1:41 PM
I was riding on the strand in LA (a bike path of sorts on the beach). It was a somewhat crowded area so I was riding slowly with my hands on the brakes. I'm coming up to a right turn in the path. On the right side, in the turn, is a father (on a bike) and a kid, a todler really (on foot), looking to cross. When I'm just A FEW FEET AWAY the father suddenly goes, blocking my path. I hit the brakes and lightly bump him. The child, following the father's lead, goes too, and runs right into me from the side. Leaning into the turn, bumping into the father, combined with the kid bumping into me made me loose my balance toward the kid. Since the kid is right next to my leg I don't want to free my foot for fear of kicking him. I ended up using my arms to brush the kid out of harms way as I fell. My arms occupied with moving the kid I landed on my knee. Hurt for weeks. They were both okay. It's still my only standstill collision.

I wondered what was going through the father's mind. Probably he was looking a few meters down the path and didn't notice that I was closer then that. But still, to cage me in like that with a toddler...

I almost hit a little kid a few years ago...Len J
May 30, 2001 1:45 PM
What is he doing on a bike with a walking toddler?
How did he think he was going to manage that?
What was he on (I want some)?

It takes all kinds! Good thing none of us would ever do anything this stupid....well....other than that time I .....Oh never mind. Different post.
Something about cocaine & Booze.
It will come back to me...maybe. Quick where's my meds??

Oh no they're coming. SHHHH
happened a couple times last week...Kristin
May 30, 2001 4:30 PM
When I ride the local path during busier times, its littered with roller bladers, parents, children, elderly couples, etc... Last week I encountered four Indian women in full garb walking abreast, blocking the ENTIRE path...I started softly, "on your left." I hollered at them several times--still they didn't budge. I wound up on the grass. ...sorry, tangent.

Back to kids. Almost always, little Johnny is (at least) 15' from mom or dad. He/She is either on training wheels or roller blades. Its always the same thing. The parents stand by and watch with stupor as I call out, "careful sweetie, careful!!" They don't lift a finger. I don't get it. Americans seem to be more and more self-absorbed. People who come to idle through the local forest preserve can't imagine any other use for the path.

okay, end rant... I feel better now.
re: I hit a pedestrian his morningDutchy
May 30, 2001 7:48 PM
It happens in Australia too. Pedestrians walk around with no idea of the space around them. I have never had any close calls, but I have had people refuse to make room when on a bike path or a road through the park. One time there was a family of five walking on a VERY quiet road in the National Park. They were taking up the whole road. I called out "coming past" mum and dad saw I was coming and said nothing to get their kids off the road. So I thought "stuff this" and rode through the middle at a very slow speed 8kph. If parents don't look out for their kids, people will get run over eventually! CHEERS.
The worst accident I ever saw...Gav
Jun 3, 2001 11:14 AM
Four years ago I was sitting in Riverside Park in NYC when I heard a sound from the service road on Riverside Drive. This other fellow and I ran over and found a male cyclist and a women lying in the road, her two dogs seemed as stunned as we were. What had apparently happened was this. The service road of Riverside Drive is a one-way street and the cyclist was going the wrong way. No problem, we have all done it. However, the sun was in his eyes and the trees were casting a shadow over the crosswalk. I'm guessing he was going at a pretty good clip. He didn't see her until the last second if at all. I suspect that she didn't look left since regular traffic comes from her right and she walked out into the road. She had a broken jaw and blood all around her face. The jaw was clearly deformed and teeth were missing. She was still unconscious when they loaded her in the ambulance. The cyclist never lost consciousness but was in pain clutching his shoulder, seemingly having broken his collar bone.

I hope not to start a "he should have ...she should have.." debate. When I ride on roads were pedestrians are present, the images of that day flashes back and I slow down and assume that someone is going to jump in front of me.