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ET: the rest of the fit story(2 posts)

ET: the rest of the fit storybianchi boy
May 29, 2001 8:55 PM
ET, I told you I would let you know how my frame fitting worked out, particularly since we're about the same height. Well, the Serotta guys said my ideal frame size would be a 56 cm ctc seat tube, with a 54 or 55 cm top tube. I shopped around and found that GIOS frames, sold by Excel Sports in Colorado, were one of the few stock frames with shorter top tubes. The Compact Pro is a beautiful lugged steel frame with lots of chrome, which I like, and the price was right -- so ordered one last week. I was able to get it built up with full Campy Chorus group and top-notch components for a little more than it would have cost to buy a custom frame. The Gios frame also was about $200 less expensive than the Tommasini Sintesi and $230 less than the Colnago Classic -- two other frames I looked at -- and it looks like every bit as nice a frame (and it's lighter).

The guys at Excel were great to work with and that really sold me on buying the bike from them. My big concern was being able to set up the bike with bars closer to height of my saddle, which is a problem with threadless stems. Excel is gonna set up the bike with an uncut steerer tube -- it's steel so I can stack up the spacers as high as I need to -- and I'm am going to try different bar heights and stem lengths until I get it right. If I can't work it out with the threadless stem and spacers, or don't like the look, Excel said they will order me a threaded fork from Italy and swap it out. Excel really bent over backwards to help me and was the only one to do so. I really liked the Tommasini as well, but Colorado Cyclist wouldn't sell the frame without the fork and couldn't get a threaded one, if I decided to go that route.

Anyway, I won't know if this will solve my problem until the bike arrives and I can put in a few miles, but I am confident it will. Basically I think I've been fighting this frame geometry problem ever since I started serious biking 25 years ago. All of the information from my fitting seemed to verify what I intuitively felt.
re: ET: the rest of the fit storyKevin M
May 30, 2001 7:16 AM
Bianchi Boy,

Congrats on the new bike. Souds great!

I went throug a similar experinace with my recent purchase: DeBernardi Zona w/ Campy Daytona. I made my LBS cut the steerer tube extra long so that I could play with the stem height. What I found was that after a certain spacer height (>4.5 cm)- the handling became jittery. At that spacer height 1 cm made a big difference in handling. Hope this helps.