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Prostate infection and cycling(5 posts)

Prostate infection and cyclingJ.S.
May 29, 2001 3:13 PM
I was just diagnosed with a prostate infection and put on antibiotics. My doctor seemed to think hat cycling wouldn't be a problem. Anybody have any experience? Thanks
re: Prostate infection and cyclingdaveb
May 29, 2001 6:13 PM
A good friend of mine was diagnosed with an inflamed prostate in march, just as we were ramping up the mileage for race season. He went to the doctor thinking he had a bladder infection since he had to piss all the time. He was put on antibiotics and told to take 10 days off his bike - which he did except for a crit on day 5. (It was only an hour!) anyway he is fine now and you should be OK soon too. I saw your post dropping down and thought id let you know you're not alone. If you want more detailed info, send me an email and i'll connect you two.
re: Prostate infection and cycling (LONG!)niklas
May 30, 2001 12:58 AM
You should not bike. 1. If you are on antibiotics, the prostatitis seems to be of bacterial origin. Do/did you have fever? In any case I think you should take a break from cycling. With every infection there is a risk of myocarditis with too heavy excerise. So even a little flu is a contraindication for sports. And then it's hard for the antibiotics to penetrate the prostate anyway, so why make it harder..
2. The prostate is sensitive to cold and it likes heat -> keep it warm. Also pressure on the prostate should be avoided during an infection.
I'm not an urologist, but in my opinion, take a break from cycling. At least if you have a fever or if it's cold outside. It's better to cure the problem initially with some good treatment!

re: Prostate infection and cyclingSteve Bailey
May 30, 2001 7:35 AM
I came down with an infection in the late winter of '99. I was on antibiotics briefly and it seemingly cleared right up. I then packed in the miles thru Aug' 2000 and came down with a very bad version, requiring repeated and different antibiotics. I was not allowed to ride during this period (3 mos.) under doctors and wife's orders.

My lesson was to pay attention to the body. If riding, go easy. If you feel any discomfort, take at least a few day's off. Stick to the entire prescription of antibiotics.

thanks for the input everyone.J.S.
May 30, 2001 8:47 AM
I'll probably take it easy for a bit.