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Wheel Recommendations?(3 posts)

Wheel Recommendations?Mikoyan
May 29, 2001 1:13 PM
Hey, I'm fairly new to the world of road biking... I've been mountain biking for years, and have finally decided to switch to road biking/racing... there aren't many good off road trails around here, and the on road stuff goes through some beautiful countryside, which, as well as racing training, I'd like to explore around (just an added bonus, PS: I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada...)
But anyway, I'm building myself up a bike, and was wonder what wheelset would be most recommended, I've searched the forums, and havn't really found anything pertaining to my question... I'm fairly light... 145 or so pounds, and am not harsh on my bike at all... my x517+XT hubs on my mountain bike have yet to be trued in 2 and a half years...
anyway on to my point: I've been looking at rolf vector comps vs. spinergy rev-x, both which i can aquire at the same price basically (spinergy being a tad more expensive).... but which would be best, and if anyone has had any experience with respect to comparisons between the two, it'd be very very much appreciated...

thanks a bunch
Mavic Open Pros?MeDotOrg
May 29, 2001 1:17 PM
Check out or or some of the other British cycling sites. You can get a set of wheels built for a lot less without the 17.5% value added tax (VAT). 28 or 32 spoke, Radial or 2 cross or 3 cross, you can get a set of rims that are right for your weight and riding style.
re: Wheel Recommendations?Bosephus
May 29, 2001 1:37 PM
I almost went with the Open Pro's and my LBS showed me a set of Ambrosio Excellence rims. They are essentially the same design but a bit lighter and according to my LBS a bit stronger as well ... although the debate is still out on that one. Plus I got them for $10 a rim less than the Open Pros.

I have them laced to Campy Chorus hubs with 3x Revolution spokes. My LBS has a phenomenal wheel builder as well so that is key. They warrantee the build for a year with free truing and adjustments ... but I haven't needed that at all.

For reference I use x517's laced to XTR hubs with revolution spokes (radial 28 front and 3x 32 rear) on my MTB so I'm not one of those anti Mavic guys. Just found the Ambrosio's and happened to like them.