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Cyclist looking for a new gig(17 posts)

Cyclist looking for a new gigBosephus
May 29, 2001 11:41 AM
I've just about had it with living in the midwest and working for this crappy company (to remain un-named for the posterity). I'm officially, in the market for a new job anyone got any suggestions for a cycling friendly company in a cycling friendly town.

I've got degrees in Physics (BS), Mechanical Engineering (BS), and Engineering Management (Masters) and I've been working in product strategy for 3 years now. I love bikes (all kinds) and skis (all kinds).

Got any bright ideas for a seriously depressed guy that's sick of working for the man? Any crazy ideas?

If you could get a job anywhere where would it be? If you could get a job at any company, what company would it be?

I keep reading about all of you out there that commute to work on your bike. I'm jealous. What's the best town for this?

What's better ... to make a ton of money doing something that sucks so you can afford all the fancy expensive stuff you want (Custom titanium frame is coming to mind right now)?... or ... to make enough money to get by doing something that you like and not be able to afford all the fancy stuff you want (suck it up on the 4 year old Aluminum frame you've already got).

Any thoughts on any of this for a lost soul looking to find the sunny side of life?
Go for the Love!Long_and_slow
May 29, 2001 1:14 PM
My vote is to make a comfortable living doing something you enjoy. Life is too short!
a book you might likeGregJ
May 29, 2001 1:53 PM
"Your Money or Your Life", by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin. Clearly working at a job you hate for financial gain is not a great way to go through life. Although it is probably better than working at a job you hate that pays minimum wage. My own situation is that I live in a great place (Santa Barbara) that is very expensive, I am working at a job that is OK at best with average compensation, self-employed housepainter. I too am hoping to make a change of career in the next year or two, I am finding it diffucult to visualize myself working in any sort of office environment after being on my own for many years, so I think I will need to be kind of creative if I am to find a position not in the construction trades that will satisfy me. I think it is pretty common for folks to feel discontent with their work, especially in this day and age when there are so many options for work. Best of luck to you.
you got that rightColnagoFE
May 29, 2001 2:04 PM
It's not that I'm all that crazy about my current job, but I work little to no overtime and get paid well for a job that's not all that hard. So I'm not ecstatic about work--I'd love to find a job where I was but until then...Better to be doing this than making peanuts waiting tables at Dennys.
Try this...Lazy
May 29, 2001 2:04 PM
Maybe you could buy some welding equipment and whatever else you need and build yourself a bike.

Maybe you could become a consultant to the engineering departments of small frame builders throughout the nation (or ski mfg's for that matter).

If you like skiing and riding bikes, I feel pretty safe in recommending Colorado as a base of operations.

If you're in the telecom industry, e-mail me your resume. I have a couple contacts here in town.
Here in town means Denver BTW.....nmLazy
May 29, 2001 2:06 PM
Almost forgot!! GO AVS!!!!!!! nmLazy
May 29, 2001 2:07 PM
Almost forgot!! GO AVS!!!!!!! nmBosephus
May 29, 2001 3:58 PM
Boulder is actually one of my favorite towns. Unfortunately, no Telecom experience ...

Yeah, Go AVS!

I'm currently living in the Detroit Metro area (yuck) so I have to keep my support of the Avs a little hush hush. Redwings fans can get a little grumpy about the Avalanche.
May 29, 2001 6:30 PM
Have fun skiing...uh...
May 30, 2001 5:58 AM
Trust me I know ... most of my friends and family thought I'd lost my mind when I moved here from NH three years ago for the job. I've finally come to the realization that I was indeed suffering from a mild mental lapse.

I think being offered a big chunk of change as a poor Grad student help turn me to the dark side.
May 30, 2001 9:45 AM
Doing the poor grad student thing now myself. I couldn't survive the winter without being at a ski area.

I look at it this way. If you can live a comfortable life (ie, not filthy rich), and love what you do, aren't you rich? I'll take that over having a fat wallet and hating life. Good luck.
Avs who?? oh, yeah - hockey againlonefrontranger
May 29, 2001 11:10 PM
If you like commuting to work by bike, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, trout fishing, and just about anything else to do with the wide open outdoors, Boulder is a pretty decent area. It's really, really expensive, though- I don't recommend doing what we did (i.e. give 2 weeks notice at work, toss some crap in a truck and scram). On the other hand, we DO need a roommate...

We moved out here from Cincinnati last December, after five years of wondering as you are "why the aitch do I live in this crappy Midwest town?!"
Was it the Skyline Chili that kept you in Cincinasty so long?nmmike mcmahon
May 29, 2001 11:12 PM
Moved the minute I found the perfect recipe (nm)lonefrontranger
May 30, 2001 5:31 PM
Avs who?? oh, yeah - hockey againBosephus
May 30, 2001 6:05 AM
Believe it or not Boulder isn't that much more expensive than Ann Arbor, which is where I'm living right now.

Trust me you don't have to convince me that I'd like Boulder. I've got a whole slew of friends from college that have been living there since '96.

As for the room mate thing ... I'm not sure my fiance is up to the room mate thing at this point. She has a deep desire to own a Mortgage (no one really owns there house).

I used to be a big fan of the pack it all up, hit the road and figure it out later plan of attack ... not so much anymore. I think this time I'll find the job first and move second. Maybe I can even get a relocation package out of the deal.
Let's go, Boys!!boy nigel
May 29, 2001 7:34 PM
I'm watching the game as I type. The Devs are up 2-1 with 9:40 left in the second period. My wife and I are big Avs fans as well (She's actually a tremendous fan on St. Pat and his boys--I like them a lot, too, but she's the REAL Avs fan in the house. She often wears the authentic, pro ROY jersey I got her a couple of years ago when they're on the telly.)

If nothing else, let's do it for Ray, eh? That guy deserves a Cup like nobody's business. It's great that he's with the Avs. We're with you, Lazy.

77!!!Bring it home Ray! (If just for a day)77!!! AHHHHH!!!128
May 30, 2001 8:17 AM