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Did my first solo Century - Pat on my back (Grin)(6 posts)

Did my first solo Century - Pat on my back (Grin)CyclingWolf
May 28, 2001 11:21 PM
What started out as an early morning 50 mile ride. I was going to put my paid holiday to good use. Knowing rain was in the forcast I packed my raincoat and off I went first 25 miles was nice, then I rode back on the same 25 mile route in a downpour. I figured what the hell the pro's have been doing it at the Giro (my first time riding in the rain, yes I am a newbie :)) after 50 miles it stopped raining and again I said what the heck I am halfway there, unfortunately I started out on an empty stomach but felt good. Continued through various courses, stopped for a Sprite and good ole Super Duper sized Twix bars and back on the road. Shed the drenched raincoat unzipped both shirts as it was actually hot then Hit about 80 miles stopped for a few more drinks (I had a water bottle on the bike I would drink from during the ride) then I hit the 90 mile mark...uggg...bad head wind, overcast and very cold,,,but I finished..a little over 6 hours ad an average of 16.5 mph. Legs feel a little sore but all in all I feel great...moral of the story is I look forward to more rainy day rides as I really enjoyed it! Thanks to all those who share their ride experiences on here hope my helps other newbies out there who have yet to do 100 miles and rain experience!
No one can take it away from you.Len J
May 29, 2001 5:54 AM
Amazing what we are capable of when we remove the limits.
Ironic... me tooDuane Gran
May 29, 2001 10:14 AM
This is very ironic, because yesterday I too did my first solo century. I too didn't know I was going to do it when I set out, but I was in the mood to enjoy the full day. Fortunately the weather was much kinder in the mid atlantic and we had no rain. For all the riding I do, this has been an elusive task that has been put off mostly because of the time required. It was a lot of fun and I slept really well last night. Rock on!
Doubly ironic, me threeterry b
May 29, 2001 12:59 PM
I planned mine though, chosing Sunday to have a day's break before coming back to work today. Did 101 miles in exactly 6 hours which was my goal. Lost 6 pounds which was not intentional. It got very hot, nearly 100F for the last 40 miles which probably accounts for the weight loss although I drank a lot of water. No problem with my conditioning - I felt great the next day. My plan now is to do another in the fall when the heat lets up a bit.
6 hrs with or without counting stop times ?nn23
May 29, 2001 5:39 PM
Not that it takes anything away from you. I just did my first half century yesterday.

- Just curious
You've inspired me, CyclingWolf. Thanks.boy nigel
Jun 1, 2001 8:30 AM
Hey CW,

Thanks for that self-congratulatory (and well deserved, mate
!) post the other day.

I'd sort of forgotten that I've wanted to get out on the new (a few months old) bike and do 100. My normal longer rides are about 60 (about 24 of which are city miles--yuck--and the rest are rolling hills), but I knew I had 100 in me for sure.

Got up yesterday morning (I'm presently unemployed, collecting severance from a lay-off) and knew I'd do it that day. I'd done 100+ years back when I was training/racing, but not since (Took a few years off the bike for some reason--actually, I met my to-be wife and put down the bike). :)

Considering that a) a quarter of the miles were NYC (lights, traffic, etc.) miles, 40 of them were in the mountains (Rte. 9W towards Bear Mountain for any NYers/NJites out there), and the rest were rolling hills; b)I was on my own; c)I wasn't in a hurry--not trying to be a hero and hurt my knees on the hills I wasn't used to--I just wanted to put in the solo distance, 6:39 isn't too bad (15.04 avg. spd.).

I paced myself so as not to regret all those hills on the return trip, going as slow as necessary to ensure that I'd complete it without pulling/cramping something or messing up my knees.

Anyway, I feel great that I did it--the distance wasn't as hard as doing it solo was. When I'd done this distance in the past, I always had a person with me. Tougher to talk myself into not turning around when I hit the hills alone, but I did it. :)

Thanks for sharing, and here's to more happy, speedy, and milestone rides to all.