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Rolf Vector Pro - creak sound(8 posts)

Rolf Vector Pro - creak soundjft
May 28, 2001 11:09 PM
I've noticed an almost musical noise coming from my rear vector pro when climbing grades...6-10% range...relatively constant during the climb...almost like the spokes are creaking...

The bike was used w/ about a 1000 miles on it, and I've added about 500 more over the last few months...on a Klein Quantum Pro...

any thoughts? should I have the wheel trued and checked...? is this normal?

re: Rolf Vector Pro - creak soundCyclingWolf
May 28, 2001 11:31 PM
Remember reading on the board of Rolf Vector Comp noises coming from the inner tube stem. Someone suggested one layer of electrical tape around the stem where it comes through the rim (Only one layer as it is a tight fit)? I have Rolf's but have yet to experience this noise.
The infamous Vector Pro creak!Alex R
May 29, 2001 8:35 AM
I've had it, and after untold hours of wild goose chasing, my mechanic called Hugi (they make the hubs) and was told to use a mineral oil/grease compound on the cartridge bearings in the hubs. Problem solved.

Mind you this was after multiple week-long stays at the shop, and checking every bearing surface on the bike. I don't know why this funky grease wasn't installed at the factory, but I can only imagine it was a retro-fit to solve a problem discovered post product launch.

The infamous Vector Pro creak!JL
May 29, 2001 10:16 AM
Do they use the same hubs on the Comps? I have less than 400miles on mine and I'm hearing a creaking sound that I can't find. I'm going to take it back to my LBS, but I'd thought I'd check.


The infamous Vector Pro creak!qp-rider
May 29, 2001 12:05 PM
thanks...I'll bring mine in for a check up after this weekends century ride. The sound my wheel makes is less a creak, and more of a sequential faint ping...almost like when you rap a spoke. It will only do it under load, climbing hills.
The infamous Rolf SPOKE creak (as opposed to RHWN)lonefrontranger
May 29, 2001 11:37 PM
Hope you've not tried this one yet. All the others are valid, too by the way - Rolfs are great wheels, but they're the noisiest freakin things. I had a set of 1998 Comps on my Trek 2300 that creaked like the devil, AND ALSO intermittently made the Infamous RHWN (Rolf Hub Warranty Noise) which is a high-pitched hub squeal. A former shop mech we ride with finally got heartily sick of it, said a few choice things along the line of "jaysus woman, do you never grease your s**t?" and greased every one of the spoke crossovers on both wheels. Instant success, never heard a noise again. Apparently grit gets between those flat spoke crosses and once the anodize wears off, it squeaks like all getout.
Please elaborate on the RHWNE-ticket
May 30, 2001 9:46 AM
I'm about 1000 miles into a set of Comps (on a 2000 Zurich). On several occasions, I've heard a horrific screech/squeal coming from what seems to be the rear hub, but it is infrequent, sporadic, and not reproducible. It just comes and goes, and doesn't last for long. If there's any commonality, it does seem to occur more on hard hilly rides than on easy rides. It happens both when pedaling and when coasting. It scares the crap out of me, giving me thoughts that the wheel will lock up on a fast downhill.

So, is this the RHWN? Is it a safety issue or just a nuisance issue? Should i bring this to the shop for work? (I bought it locally.) I've been reluctant to do this so far, because the noise in intermittant and not reproducible; I'm afraid it won't happen at the shop and they'll just send me on my way. Or worse yet, they'll just tell me it's normal. Should they be familiar with this issue? What should I expect in the way of service and/or replacement? Thanks in advance.
Could be the skewers....DINOSAUR
May 30, 2001 12:21 AM
I have a '99 Klein QR with over 11k on the stock Rolf Vector Comp wheels. When the bike was brand new, it did emit a horrible squealing noise on two separate occasions, that could not be traced. Since then no noise, excluding the infamous Hugi hub grinding sound. These wheels have been bullet proof. I've read that Rolf did at one time have a problem with the skewers. I also think that there must be a quality control problem at Rolf. I've read so many bad things about them that I can't believe that I ride with the same wheels. This can be the only logical explanation for me. I guess it depends on who builds them....