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Piece of Sh*t C'dale fork(5 posts)

Piece of Sh*t C'dale forkAlumiguy
May 28, 2001 10:58 PM
Ordered a CAAD4 frame and just realized the fork it came with is the OLD Slice Echelon that comes with the cheap ass bikes now. Is it worth causing a stink. How much heavier are these forks, and does anyone who's using one have any input? Thanks.
Not so...vram
May 29, 2001 12:05 AM
They are not a piece of crap. I have used one for more than 1500 miles and it has done a good job. I would suggest that you go to your LBS and ask for the upgraded fork, or a discount. If the bike you bought is on a closeout, one of the reasons maybe the old fork...
Why so down on the Echelon?shmoo
May 29, 2001 7:27 AM
Have you experienced breakage with this fork before? Does is ride noticably worse than the other CODA forks? I could be wrong, but I think the carbon steerer fork is only available from C'dale with the integrated headset frame, not the CAAD4, so the weight is probably reasonably close to anything else you would have gotten through C'dale anyway. Of course, you could try to trade back and upgrade the Echelon fork for any after market fork out there. Why are your only options to keep it or "cause a stink"? Why not just talk to them about it?
Why so down on the Echelon?CrazyMan
May 29, 2001 10:58 AM
I just know they've replaced it with the Prodigy and wondering if there was a difference. I figure a new frame shouldn't come with a fork that is 3 years old.
Why so down on the Echelon?shmoo
May 29, 2001 9:36 PM
I can't speak for the performance of the Prodigy vs the Echelon. I own a CAAD3 with the Echelon and have about 6000mi on it with no problems so far. (I'm 185 FWIW). Maybe some guys who've ridden both can comment otherwise, but I'm guessing you really can't tell the difference under an otherwise identical frameset (although the second generation Prodigy has a 1 1/8" and therefore probably slightly stiffer steerer). As far as weight, C'dale claims the Prodigy to be just slightly lighter than the Echelon. You don't get real weight saving until you graduate to the SI fork with the CF steerer (about 1/3 pound out of that one). I'm not sure who makes (made?) the Echelon, but if you hold a 1" BRC up to it, you can't tell the difference, at least in looks. I'd probably want the updated fork too, if I was buying a new frame, but I don't know if it makes a practical difference. Hey, at least they aren't recalling them like the Giants.