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Radial laced vs. 3x front wheels(3 posts)

Radial laced vs. 3x front wheelsroadman
May 28, 2001 8:28 PM
for training/commuting are front radial laced wheels too stiff/rigid/harsh? strong enough for no wheel flexing -hitting brake pads.

-always ridden 3x...
re: Radial laced vs. 3x front wheelsHank
May 28, 2001 10:39 PM
some people will claim that 3x is more durable (but a well built radial wheel can be very durable), and radial lacing will void the warranty on some hubs. There is no difference in ride quality. Most people go radial cause they like the looks. If the hub has already been built up once, I'd stick with whatever pattern was used the first time around.
re: Radial laced vs. 3x front wheelsAlpine
May 28, 2001 11:23 PM
I've built my own wheels and gone 2x in the front with no problems but I've always built my wheels right. I never built a radially laced wheel because I consider it a aero wheel and I buy my aero wheels pre-built. My first radially laced pro wheels where back in the eighties. They where French made Roval tubulars. These were the predecessors to today's low spoke count climbing wheels. They were very tough in my experience and were used for many year by the winners of the RAAM.
More recently I used Mavic Heliums on my Bianchi ELOS Record and never took them off. They were used for everything from racing to commuting and in over a year they never came out of true. They of course are radial in the front and radial on the non-drive side in the rear.
I just built up a new bike with Campy Chorus 10 and chose Campy Nucleons as my new wheelset. They are very close to the same weight as the Heliums and I hope they hold up as well. I'll find out soon enough. I just finished the bike tonight and took it out for 5 miles to check the derailleur adjustments and saddle placement. They seemed very resistant to flex but comfy at the same time.