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Cannondale r1000si vs. Lightspeed Arenberg (long)(10 posts)

Cannondale r1000si vs. Lightspeed Arenberg (long)Crash
May 28, 2001 5:33 PM
For a number of reasons, I was just about to settle in on the R1000si, when I walked into the store and they told me about the Lightspeed Arenberg deal. Arenberg frame, Campy Daytona 10 speed group, Spinergy SR-3 wheels for 2000. I got to test ride both, a 56cm Cannondale vs. a 57cm Lightspeed.I really like both of them, although the Cannondale does fit me better. The 57cm Lightspeed actually seems more like an 54cm Cannondale. The Lightspeed does cushion the road a bit better, but the Cannondale is not bad, and I love the instant push you get when you step on the pedals. About 95% of my rides will be 10 - 30 miles, maybe an occasional metric century. I'm also around 190, although I didn't feel a lot of flex with either bike. Anybody else have the same choice to make ? Would I be nuts to stay with the CAAD 5 Cannondale ? Oh, and after 10+ years on mountain bikes I REALLY like 175mm cranks. Should I stay with that or give 172.5mm a try ? Thanks !!!
re: Cannondale r1000si vs. Lightspeed Arenberg (long)LC
May 28, 2001 5:52 PM
The Cannondale is much better for quick acceleration and hill climbing. If you are usually doing under 50 miles, then the Cannondale is the best bet. Quicker, lighter and a better buy too. I use 175 cranks on my Mt bike and 170 on the road.
re: Cannondale r1000si vs. Lightspeed Arenberg (long)Mel Erickson
May 28, 2001 6:35 PM
You didn't say how much the Cannondale was or how it was equipped. I assume it was less than the Litespeed. For the type of riding you will be doing the Cannondale should be better or at least as good, for less money. Your weight is a factor too and the Cannondale should be better there too. Nothing wrong with 175's. I am 6'2 and 180. I ride 175 on my MTB and 172.5 on my road bike. If I weren't so cheap I would try 175's on my road bike. If you don't like them the shop should be willing to change them out as long as they're not damaged. They might charge you a small fee because crank arms can get easily scuffed. Find out, then make up your mind.
re: Cannondale r1000si vs. Lightspeed Arenberg (long)Crash
May 28, 2001 8:14 PM
The Cannondale is a 105 / Ultegra mix (almost no CODA parts), CAAD 5 frame, Campy Proton wheelset (I don't know much about road bikes, but I have put around 15 miles in test rides and they seem really nice). It will probably end up being 100 - 200 less than the Lightspeed. I liked the Lightspeed, I wish it would have fit me better !
re: Cannondale r1000si vs. Lightspeed Arenberg (long)Mel Erickson
May 29, 2001 7:59 AM
Less money, better fit, comparable components. Hmmmm....? Sounds like the Cannondale is the better buy for you.
somebody doesn't know their sizing...C-40
May 29, 2001 3:06 PM
Cannondales and Litespeeds are both measured center to top. If the Litespeed was smaller, it must have been a 55cm.

A 57cm Litespeed has a .5cm longer top tube than the 56cm C'dale, but the 73 degree seat tube angle (.5 degree shallower) makes it nearly identical to the 56cm C'dale's top tube. Standover heights are also almost identical. With the same stem, these bikes should fit almost identically.
somebody doesn't know their sizing...Crash
May 29, 2001 5:34 PM
I agree, it did seem more like an 55 (or smaller). When you stood it next to the 56 Cannondale the top tube was noticeably lower. I asked the guy at the shop to measure it, he did and proclaimed it a 57. They also had a 59 there which I sat on, but didn't ride. From the top tube and standover it definitely felt like a 59. I really like the Cannondale and even if the Arenberg fit me better I still would probably go that way, but I would like to make the decision based upon performance. I'm thinking of going to another Litespeed shop and seeing if they have a 57 in stock, just to verify the fit.
re: Cannondale r1000si vs. Lightspeed Arenberg (long)Glenn Smith
May 28, 2001 8:08 PM
Take the Cannondale R1000 Si. I was the first in Arkansas to make the purchase on this bike in Dec. of 2000. A great bike!!!, I test rode several bikes, trek 5200 (Ultegra), Lite Speed (Daytona), Bianchi Campy mix. I too am a large framed cyclist @ 189 lbs. I also ride a 56 cm. For a large cyclist, I do alot of hills, two to three times in a week. The Cannondale caad 5 frame is the best bike for the money...Promise! Sugested retail is $1999.99, I was able to make a trade on my old bike and pay $1200 cash. Hell of a deal. The intergrated head seat is a new system, but nice a smooth. Only problem with the head set system is the lack of choses on up graded forks, but no need with the "Slice Carbon Prodigy Fork". The R1000 Si comes in a Ultegra/105 mix. and a Campy Proton Wheels set. Why 105 brakes and front derailure? To make it affordable. The "Protons" very nice, I have found that I like them better than I thought. I just purchased the Mavic Open Pro's with Ultegra hubs, and the Protons are liter, as fast and very true. Sorry all, the Caad 5 frame an outstanding frame. My guess is that your in the area of 5'10" if your riding a 56, If you hope to ever do crit style racing, go with the 172.5.

re: Cannondale r1000si vs. Lightspeed Arenberg (long)Crash
May 28, 2001 10:54 PM

Thanks for the input ! I rode most of the bikes you did, plus the R600 thru R2000si. I owned a Cannondale mountain bike, and as much as I liked the frame and fork, had nothing but problems with the CODA stuff. The R600 and R800 are really impressive for the price, but I thought the jump to the R1000si made sense. Considering you are getting the CAAD 5 frame, nicer fork, all 105 and Ultegra mix, plus much nicer wheels (the Proton's). Going back and forth from the R600 and R800 I noticed a big improvement in the wheelset. There just didn't seem to be that big a difference in feel between the R1000si to the R2000si, at least not $600 worth (just my opinion). Glad you like you bike, what color did you get ?
re: Cannondale r1000si vs. Lightspeed Arenberg (long)Glenn Smith
May 29, 2001 12:18 AM
I got the Red R1000 Si. I think between the R1000 si and R2000 si, is that the R2000 si is all ultegra, not sure. I know the R3000 si is all Dura Ace with Ksyriums(CS?). My riding partner who works at another local shop, another name brand bike informed me, that the Cannondale I purchased was the best deal for the money, "He is right". Ref. the coda hubs on the Protons, no problems to date, i have over 2000 miles on them.

Hey...Good luck! Aint it fun shopping for a new bike. Let me know what you get.