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10spd chain assembly without the perma tool, WILL THIS WORK?(6 posts)

10spd chain assembly without the perma tool, WILL THIS WORK?Alpine
May 28, 2001 11:13 AM
I finally have all the peices/parts and my first Campy 10 speed bike is very near complete. What I didn't figure on though was the fact that I need that special vise-grip-like Campagnolo tool "UT-CS050" to install the permalink. This situation is made worse by the fact that I'm in a place where no one seems to speak Campagnolo. Calls to every bike shop in my area found no such chain tool. These shops sell Shimano and Shimano only. I'd have to drive an hour to the nearest shop that has the permalink tool.
I intend to ride tomorrow and I'm not going to spend two hours in traffic just to borrow a shops chain tool for 5 minutes. I need a good workaround. I'm thinking of something like a C-clamp to do the job.

What works??
re: 10spd chain assembly without the perma tool, WILL THIS WORK?Larry Meade
May 28, 2001 11:25 AM
The c clamp would probably do the trick. I have one of the Campy tools and all it does is act like a cross between a vice-grip and a c clamp. With the tool it needs to be set so that it will click the pin in but not crush the link. I think it is set to 4mm(?). With the c-clamp just make sure you listen for the click of the pin setting into the link and do each pin one at at time. It should be OK if you are careful, make sure everything is lined up perfectly and don't overtighten it.
you only get one chance...C-40
May 28, 2001 1:37 PM
Larry's advice is sound. Be sure you get the length right the first time, because you can't remove a permalink, without ruining it. If in doubt, install one link from a 9 speed chain, or a SRAM powerlink, to try it out.

I set my chain length in the little ring and smallest cog. Remove links until you get a significant swing from the lower derailleur pulley when the ends of the chain are brought together. If the lower pulley barely moves, take out one more link. If you want to what the tension is like, with one more link removed, shift up two teeth (12 to 14 for instance) on the cassette, it has the same effect.
re: 10spd chain assembly without the perma tool, WILL THIS WORK?JohnG
May 28, 2001 1:59 PM
A mini vise would work the best. I've bought the chain tool and felt pretty stupid when I actually got it. What a waste of money.

BTW: Use the Campy recommendation on chain length. Works perfecto.

good luck
re: 10spd chain assembly without the perma tool, WILL THIS WORK?racer X
May 28, 2001 4:12 PM
actually, if you are extremely precise, you can get away with not using the perma link at all.

the main difference between a 10sp chain and any other is in width--and the fact that the pins sit PERFECTLY FLUSH with the plates.

i work at a campy shop. of course, on all the 10sp bikes we've built we've used the perma-link and the perma-link specific tool. it's pretty much a modified vice grip that meets the chain plates pefectly parallel. -- you use it to push the perma-links plate onto the pins, simple. and we have successfully patched a 10sp chain with another section of 10sp chain and no perma-link. (it was more of an experiment than a solution to a problem.) despite what campy usa says, you can patch the chain with a standard chain tool--however since the pins sit flush with the plates, the margin of error is extremely small--not enough and you'll definitely break the chain when riding--too much and you'll snag the extending pin on the cassette. if you've patched enough chains, it isn't extremely difficult.

if you do not have the proper tool, i'd recommend trying out a simple chain tool (and not using the perma-link) before you go dicking around with something that may crush your chain. either way, practice your technique on the leftover links of chain.

good luck
The C-clamp worked great, pop! pop! and it was all good. NTAlpine
May 28, 2001 8:31 PM