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Opinions on newbie bike(3 posts)

Opinions on newbie bikeSambo
May 27, 2001 9:31 PM
Hi all - I'm trying to get more into road cycling, and my MTB just ain't cutting it anymore. I've decided to buy a cheaper road bike for the time being, and use it till i get out of college. I've seen a pair of bikes for $250, and was wondering opinions. One is a trek 660 with shimano 600 Ultegra components. Has 531 frame. The other is a bianchi brava, with shimano 105 stuff. Cro-mo frame. Both are from the mid-80's, so says the bike shop guy. What should I be looking for with these? Also, the trek has wheels with a "triangular" cross section...whereas the bianchi's are squared like my MTB. I'm not very into the road stuff - what is this type of wheel and is it easy to get parts to fit it? Thanks in advance! Sam
re: Opinions on newbie bikeGregJ
May 27, 2001 11:56 PM
I used to have a Trek 560ex. It was a 6 speed 600 SIS set-up that I upgraded to 7 speed when I needed some new wheels after several years. I would imagine that the 531 frame on the 660 is identical to what I rode. I will tell you the frame was pretty light and had decent characteristics for the price. I rode the holy bejesus out of that bike, went through a few shifters and 3 wheelsets and it is still in service today, a good friend is using it. I think for 250 it had better be in CLEAN condition and maybe not a bad deal if it has been upgraded to 7 speed(maybe it was original 7-speed) and has a good set of clipless pedals. 150 to 200 sounds better if it has had any real use. The triangular wheel is probably a Matrix Iso? which Trek put on a lot of their nicer bikes, kinda their house brand. You should be able to find spokes with no problem for this wheel and the hub is probably a regular old Shimano 600. I would not worry too much about finding replacement parts, although it may not be easy, you should be able to repair or replace almost everything on this bike. Make sure everything works properly and is not heavily worn and make sure the bike fits you right. I would haggle on the price, these old bikes are not real easy to sell. Should be a nice beginner bike. I don't know much about the Bianchi.
This is an easy oneSpoke Wrench
May 29, 2001 7:06 AM
Get the bike that fits the best. If your fit on the bike isn't pretty comfortable, none of that other stuff matters.