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First Century in 20 years(2 posts)

First Century in 20 yearskyvdh
May 27, 2001 7:44 PM
Who else would appreciate my success like roadies. Yesterday I complete my first century since my only other one 20 years ago. And better yet I did this one with my son. We trained all winter in the basement, got out and did long weekend rides in the hills this Spring, and now we can both say we've still got what it takes. If you all are ever looking for a well run century ride you might consider the Horsey Hundred here in Georgetown, KY. It's a beautiful ride through the back hills and woods of KY and then through some beautiful horse farm country. The support groups and rest stops were really well supplied. The people were friendly and it was a great day. They have rides on both Saturday and Sunday of varying lengths from 26 miles to 100 miles. If you want to get details the Bluegrass Cycling Club sponsers it and they have a website at It took us 8.5 hours which won't win us any awards but we both came away without much soreness and still smiling. Anyone know if there are many other kids 14 years old that can do a century? I didn't see many other kids and I was really proud of my son to do the training and then persevere to the end. We hope to participate again next year and perhaps consider another KY ride in the Fall in Eastern KY. It is suppose to be really pretty with the fall colors at their peak.
Well, thanks for letting me congratulate myself and my son in public and thanks to posters here that help keep all of us motivated.
Excellent JobDave Hickey
May 28, 2001 7:04 AM
Congratulations to you and your son. The kids I see in charity rides are usually riding the 10 and 25 milers.