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Tires and tubes for Rolf Vector Comp... (newbie question)(3 posts)

Tires and tubes for Rolf Vector Comp... (newbie question)Bedhead
May 27, 2001 3:36 PM

I recently purchased a 2000 KHS Flite 800 that came with Rolf Vector Comp wheels and Panaracer Stradius tires.

Already, I noticed that the front tire rubber is tearing, revealing the woven fabric underneath. Since I have only put 50 miles on the bike so far, I'm worried that this is not normal and the tire may be defective. Could this tearing have occurred by overinflating the tire (I set it at only 100psi). Also, is it dangerous for me to ride with the tire in this condition?

In addition, what brand/size tube do I need to buy for the Vector Comps? I presume I need to get a 700cc tube that comes with an extra long valve stem, since the Rolf rims are aero-style.
re: Tires and tubes for Rolf Vector Comp... (newbie question)Dinosaur
May 27, 2001 4:44 PM
I'm not clear on the condition of your front tire. Is the thread unraveling from the side of the tire, or is the tire casing worn past the first layer? Once my tires start to wear through the first layer, I replace them. If these are new tires and you only have fifty miles on them they should be like brand new. Some brand of tires unravel from the side, my old Conti tires did this, but they corrected the problem. If they are unraveling, just cut of the exposed string with sissors.

I use Conti GP 3000 tires 700X23 and inflat them to the recommended 120psi. Another popular tire is the Michelin Axial Pro, although I have not experimented with them. I'm going to try out Performance
Forte Pro Kevalar's this summer when I'm due for new tires.

You need a long valve presta tube. I've had good luck with the Michelin A-1 Airstop 700X18/23c 60mm. I think the Rolf's need a valve that is 40mm long, but my LBS only stocks the 60mm length. I've had bad luck with lightweight tubes they tend to puncture around the valve stem.

Hope this helps.
re: Tires and tubes for Rolf Vector Comp... (newbie question)look271
May 27, 2001 5:27 PM
No, that's not normal, and no, it's not your fault. Assuming that you bought it at your LBS (local bike shop), I'd take them back and get them replaced. As for tube size, go with 700x20. (Most have a range from 20-23). You'll need the long stems, 60mm I think is the size. Get the tires replaced! That's a blowout waiting to happen, and a potential crash and burn. Not fun for anyone, and definately not a good way to get baptised into the fraternity of road riders.BTW, enjoy your new ride!