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Training ride sequence(1 post)

Training ride sequenceRocco's Big Ride 2001
May 27, 2001 7:40 AM
Hey Everybody and Happy Memorial Day. I had been a long time lurker until recently when I decided to get back on the saddle and ride again.Springsteen tour is over, so it's back to my previous passions, riding among them. As some of you may know, I have signed up for two of the AIDS Vaccine Rides this summer, 600 miles across Montana (Missoula to Billings) in 7 days and 400 miles in 5 days (Montreal to Portland Maine). My question has to do with training for these distances.Is there any set formula that I should consider? Hill day? Short distance hard riding? Should I do back to back centuries at any point? Is there a sequencial pattern for this type of riding? Some of the recent posts have addressed some of it, but I wonder if you will share any direction for this. As for the "most over rated threads", it only shows me how passionate we all are about riding. I love my new Colnago with Chorus, makes riding fun again. Yes, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. It was a fun thread. But,I don't if you should ever talk about MY bike that way to my face, it's almost as bad as insulting my mother. And you know how Italian guys are about their mothers, dispite any flaws they MAY have.You can insult the Pope, the President and anyone else, but not my bike. It's a very intimate relationship, you, the bike and your saddle. Anyway, I look forward to the help. Be Careful out there and Thanks, Rocco