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TPI ratings...explain, please!(2 posts)

TPI ratings...explain, please!DT
May 26, 2001 11:01 PM
What's the difference between a tire with a 60 TPI count and a 250 TPI count (besides 190 TPI)? I'm looking for some tires that will last a long time on rough schlag roads in Mississippi but that also don't weigh a ton. Thanks!
re: TPI ratings...explain, please!Akirasho
May 27, 2001 2:14 PM
... there's no definitive answer... but in general, the higher thread counts allow for a more supple casing. This in turn may have a positive effect on handling and comfort.

You generally find a higher TPI on more expensive tires, though you can't judge high end tires only by the count...

Assuming you're talking 'bout road tires, it's hard to recommend a model or brand, cuz as soon as you do, you get a flat. Road hazards sometimes just have your name written all over them and no matter what rubber you're using, you're gonna get an arm workout. I can say that I like Vittorias (Open Pro CX) but they wear fast on the tread... and I like Conti GP 3000's but I've had a couple sidewall cuts from them although the tread seems to wear well.

You're probably safe with any quality tire,... a spare tube, patch kit and a pump...

Be the bike.