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CAAD 4 or CAAD 5 ? R800 vs. R1000si / R2000si(10 posts)

CAAD 4 or CAAD 5 ? R800 vs. R1000si / R2000siCrash
May 26, 2001 12:00 AM
I went to the Cannondale dealer looking for an R800, but I ended up looking at the new R1000 and R2000's. Does anyone have any experience of CAAD 4 vs. CAAD 5, would it be worth the extra money ? By the way, I am not going to race, but plan to do around 10 - 30 miles per ride. Maybe eventually doing a Century. I'm also 5'11" and around 190.
Thanks !
re: CAAD 4 or CAAD 5 ? R800 vs. R1000si / R2000siThe Flyin Fred
May 26, 2001 7:19 AM
The caad5 uses the 'hidden headset'and may save a bit of weight in the BB shell.Otherwise,basically the same frame...not worth The money IMHO.Save the money for something of more benefit.
re: CAAD 4 or CAAD 5 ? R800 vs. R1000si / R2000siJohnG
May 26, 2001 7:35 AM
The 5 has a full carbon steerer and "hidden" Campy HS. BB is the same on both frames.

At 190# I'd suggest the 4 as you will get a slightly stronger fork. The frame should feel good @ your weight!
re:you are right ..The Flyin Fred
May 26, 2001 6:01 PM
... acording to the cdale site,the HEADTUBE is machined to be somewhat lighter and to accept the hidden headset. However there are two fork options on the caad5s,one all carbon and one with aluminum steerer and crown.Don't know which applies to the model in guestion.
re:you are right ..JohnG
May 26, 2001 7:17 PM
My 01 Caad5 had a full carbon fork with the Campy HS.

Contrary to what others have stated the Caad5 frame is NOT smooth and comfy .... at least not in the smaller sizes. I'd describe it as VERY lively and pretty stiff. A good race frame.... but IMHO a questionable all-rounder.

@150# and 54cm I find my steel framed bikes just as "fast" and much more enjoyable to ride. Heavier riders will probably be able to use the Caad frames with better all around results.

re:you are right ..maxx
May 26, 2001 8:10 PM
Hey JohnG, I also think you're right about the HS being Campy - thanks and I appreciate your comments.

I forgot to mention that I'm 5'10 and 180# with a 56cm frame. At this frame size and weight, the frame really is very nice - even nicer/smoother than my old steel Bianchi. That's why I bought the bike, I just loved the ride....

But CODA parts are still a poor value IMHO.

Cheers, Maxx
re: CAAD 4 or CAAD 5 ? R800 vs. R1000si / R2000simaxx
May 26, 2001 2:15 PM
I've had a y2k R1000 caad4 for about 2 years now so here is my spin on your post. The caad 4 (5, etc) are all outstanding frames - very smooth (and very light) yet very stiff at the BB so I garantee you won't regret the purchase. My advice is to go for the maximum bucks saved so that you can swap out as much CODA crap as possible. That means get rid of the saddle, hubs, anything/everything with CODA on it. After 2 years of frustration and disgust, the only CODA part I have left are the handle bars and they're fine.

Never, ever put yourself in a position to be dependent on CODA parts. So research the Caad5's integrated headset carefully incase (when!) it fails. As far as the caad6 is concerned, IMHO that will be the slide downhill for C-dale (in the road business anyway) because I can't imagine anyone wanting to be stuck with that integrated crank and BB.

Think it over and beware... In retrospect I would've still bought the caad4 but just a naked frame and built up from there.
Caad5 HS is made by Campy.... :) nmJohnG
May 26, 2001 4:33 PM
re: CAAD 4 or CAAD 5 ? R800 vs. R1000si / R2000siGDR
May 26, 2001 4:36 PM
If you are going with the Caad 4 you can save some money and go with the R600. I just bought one and the LBS where I got it told me that the R800 is not worth the extra money.
re: CAAD 4 or CAAD 5 ? R800 vs. R1000si / R2000sigot2ryd
May 27, 2001 6:59 AM
i recently purchased the cdale caad5 2000si and im extremely happy with it. compared with my old steel specialized sirrus, this bike rides like a dream. in making the decision, i test rode the trek 5200 and lemond zurich. im my opinion, the cdale was more lively and more comfy. im 5'10", 165 and ride a 56". cant believe how comfy it is! i went for the 2000si over the 1000si because of the ultegra and the ksyrium wheel set. i also plan to try some races this year. oh, and the caad5 2000si has the steel steerer. i test rode the 3000si with the carbon steerer and dura ace, just lighter, no difference in any other way i could tell. could not justify the extra grand for 1 pound.