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Ultegra or Daytona?(8 posts)

Ultegra or Daytona?jomag
May 25, 2001 11:42 PM
Which one to buy, Shimano Ultegra or Campy Daytona gruppo? Anybody has praises/gripes between these two? Appreciate any comments..
re: Ultegra or Daytona?Biased but objective??????
May 26, 2001 2:01 AM
Hey Jomag,

I'll admit right off the bat that I'm somewhat a disciple of Campy...but I'll be objective from what I've seen. Of course, being somewhat of a disciple, I'd say go with the Daytona group. But that's not what you're looking for. Looking at the literature values, they're both about the same weight (within a 1/4 lb or so), so that shouldn't guide your decision much.

I've ridden them's what I've observed: 1) Ultegra shifters will rattle until you go nuts...if you go Shimano, upgrade to Dura Ace STI shifters immediately - Daytona shifters are solid and quiet; 2) I've had several close aquaintances kill their Ultegra BB in one season...the Daytona BB is heavier but relatively bombproof, and cheap too! 3) Replacing some of the 10-speed drivetrain components if they go will likely be abit more spendy as 10sp is a fairly new thing and not as readily available as the Shimano 9sp drivetrain components (i.e. chains, chainrings, cogsets).

That's about all I can say "objectively" speaking, from my experience. Campy and Shimano are both good, It may finally come down to what your LBS keeps in stock and whether you're looking to support your local retailer, or if you're going to grab everything off the web/mail-order. Good luck with your choice (subliminal...but get the Campy...get the Campy...get the Campy...get the...).
re: Ultegra or Daytona?Dinosaur
May 26, 2001 2:24 PM
Not a fair comparison: Ultegra shares same level as Campy Chorus:

I have Ultegra on my Klein, I have been happy: One problem is maintenance. The Ultegra STI's are assembled like a watch, you can't take them apart for a rebuild, you have to order new set for a couple hundred clams. The Campy can be rebuilt. It might be a longevity factor.

I won't get into a Campy vs Shimano debate, I've used both, I'd veer toward Campy, but that just my opinion.
re: Ultegra or Daytona?stoutga
May 26, 2001 2:58 PM
I would say Ultegra to Daytona is a fair comparison. After I rode both Ultegra and Chorus their is no comparing the two. Chorus outperformed Ultegra enough for me to cancel out a comparison.
Ultegra = Daytona on price, the comparison that matters to mostJim S
May 26, 2001 4:40 PM
Seems fair to compare them to me, since the constraint for most people is the price, not where it falls in the group lineup.

My only real comment is to ride both types of levers. I bought a Shimano equipped bike a year and a half ago, but I'm seriously considering buying a Daytona group for it. I rode campy levers a week ago for the first time and they felt better within a mile. My wife has a bike with Veloce and it has performed flawlessly.
I have heard that Shimano fixed the rattle problem for 2001.
both have the same price!!jomag
May 26, 2001 8:58 PM
Chorus is $$$more-9 speed groupo is $895., 10 speed is $940.
Ultegra groupo is $649.
Daytona 9 speed is 649.
source is Excelsports catalogue.
I am selling my Datona 9-spd gruppo...DG
May 26, 2001 10:17 PM
I have bought it last Oct and lightly used for $400. E-mail me if you are interested, I can throw in stem, seatpost etc..
re: Ultegra or Daytona?Ian
May 26, 2001 3:26 PM
1) Ultegra's rattle problem has been fixed. The shifters are now designed like the D/A.
2) I have never heard of anyone killing an Ultegra bottom bracket in one season.

Other than that, good luck in your decision.