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OLN being bought by Comcast?(2 posts)

OLN being bought by Comcast?CyclingWolf
May 25, 2001 10:59 PM
Not really cycling news (I am a cycler who is a NASCAR fan) this off one of my favorite NASCAR News and Rumor Sites. Just wondered if anyone in the know out there knows how this will affect OLN's cycling coverage?

Fox, SpeedVision and NASCAR: It may not be the "NASCAR Channel" yet, but Fox Cable Networks Group is selling its interests in the Golf Channel and the Outdoor Life Network, planning to use the proceeds to finance its acquisition of Speedvision. Fox Cable Networks Group, a division of Fox Entertainment Group, will sell its minority interest in The Golf Channel to Comcast. The Fox group also is buying the interests in the Outdoor Life Network from AT&T Corporation, Cox Communications and Roger Werner, and will then sell that to Comcast. Fox Cable Networks would then use the money from those sales to buy the interests in Speedvision now held by AT&T, Cox, Werner and Daniels Properties. When all the selling and buying is done, Fox Cable Networks will own all of Speedvision except for Comcast's minority stake, which Fox Cable is expected to also eventually acquire. Comcast would own Outdoor Life and 92 percent interest in The Golf Channel.(That's Racin')(5-25-2001)
Cool!Comcast Employee
May 27, 2001 8:00 PM
We all have a really big all-employee announcement broadcast Tues. afternoon. Wonder if this is part of it.