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Got passed by an F350 w/female driver last night(6 posts)

Got passed by an F350 w/female driver last nightmoneyman
May 25, 2001 8:51 AM
She slowed down before passing, pulled way left of me, checked the mirror before she pulled back in, and waved when she came back in the driving lane.

Stereotypes die hard.

And I encountered a friendly roadie!Gadfly
May 25, 2001 9:14 AM
Was riding home on the beater commuter bike last night when a fully decked-out roadie on a very nice Specialized pulled up beside me. He made small talk! He was nice! (For a brief moment, I wanted to say something like, "Hey, I have a nice bike, lycra shorts and clipless pedals at home. I'm a roadie too!" But I resisted.) He saw me as just another cyclist and I left it at that. You're right, my friend. Stereotypes do die hard.
re: Got passed by an F350 w/female driver last nightLen J
May 25, 2001 9:23 AM
& I saw a flying Bovine that didn't S**t on me!!
Probably drunk on moonshinemr_spin
May 25, 2001 9:37 AM
Thought you were a fellow redneck!
re: Yeah, and I heard Stinky shaved his legs.(nm)WCC
May 25, 2001 9:54 AM
Sterotypes die hard so shoot twice.runstevierun
May 25, 2001 11:59 AM
I lived and rode in North Georgia for about five years
and was passed by billions (ok, millions) of
F350's decorated with gun racks, confederate flags and other
NASCAR paraphenalia (sp?). And you know, 99.9% of
those folks safely and courteously gave a lycra-clad
guy in a hot pink Giro d'Italia jersey plenty of room to ride.
(and lot's waved as they went by too.)

Now the min-vans and volvo wagons were another(and opposite) story....... (dang, there's another stereotype, where's my pea-shooter...)