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Most epic on the bike moment(19 posts)

Most epic on the bike momentpeloton
May 24, 2001 10:58 PM
What is your most epic on the bike moment? A vivid memory, or story worth repeating. (Yes, I am trying hard to push the flame war off the board!)

Mt. Washington, 1999, Tyler Hamilton of US Postal sets a new record of 51 minutes and change. He is fresh off a top 15 Tour finish and flying. Let's say he wasn't worried about me catching him. I lined up about four people behind him at the start. Gun goes off. Watching Tyler take off like a jet was both awe inspiring and humbling. An image I won't soon forget.
re: Most epic on the bike momentAJ
May 25, 2001 12:53 AM
I don't have any famous biker stories, but I do have a bird tale to tell...

A few weeks ago on a solo ride, I watched a red-tailed hawk and a red-winged blackbird having an aerial battle over territory (I guess). I think it's always neat to see, so I watched it as a I pedaled along. The fracas ended, so I continued on my way.

Then, watching the shadows of my form on the asphalt ahead of me, I noticed also the unusually clearly defined (and dark) shadow of a rather large bird to the left and behind of me. "That's odd," I thought. "Generally those bird shadows are a hazy grey and much smaller. It's not often they're that well-defined and, well, large."

Puzzled, I looked back over my left shoulder to see an giant red-tailed hawk, coming at me, talons first, coming in at warp speed, and only about four feet away from me. If I had reached my arms out just a little more, I could have touched his sharp pointy toes, not that I particularly wanted to. As it was, I waved him away, shouted at him, sped up, and thanked the weather god for a sunny day. He left me alone after that, and I spent an entertaining rest of the ride thinking up solutions for any future "Giant Raptor/Flailing Talons Caught in Bike Shirt" episodes.

That's as epic as I can be right now.

Not epic, but a pleasant memory....Largo
May 25, 2001 6:23 AM
My wife, a friend and i were 40km into an 80km mountain bike ride near Atlin BC, and were at a large lake at the end of an OLD mining road.
This is the middle of nowhere, just us and the critters, and there are some big creek crossings, so imagine our suprise to find a camper at the lake, complete with a family from Vancouver, come up for a hunting trip.
We got to chatting with them, and when we left,they gave us 3 bottles of home made wine.
Well, we managed to stow the wine in our camelbacks and they survived the 40km of rough old 4x4 road, and as we sat around the campfire deep into the northern twilight, we sure enjoyed those bottles.
Its memories like these, sitting around the fire after a great ride, listening to the loons, that keep me sane while here at school.
At least once in every ride (or so I like to think), there isbill
May 25, 2001 8:03 AM
a crystalline moment when I think that it is just a great, great thing to be riding a bike. I said this once to my cousin, who, I have to add, was so committed to cycling for awhile that, when proposing to his wife (whom he met through a ride club), he gave her a ring made out of a spoke (since replaced with a rock, don't worry). He looked at me as if I was crazy. Am I?
It ain't epic, but it's true.
Then there was the time when a seagull attacked my white helmet. He must have been thinking that this was the biggest, fastest clam he'd ever encountered and that boy, the fellas at the pier were never gonna believe it unless he brought it back with him.
I remember it as if it happened yesterday..........4bykn
May 25, 2001 8:28 AM
The time I chased and passed Marco Pantani while climbing L'Alpe D'Huez in the Tour de France.

Oh, fantasies don't count? Epic moments? The finish of any really tough climb, when I get to the top, gasping for air, knowing I just accomplished something worth doing, something that thrills me so much, yet when I try to explain it to the guys at work they stare at me with this blank expression.
re: Most epic?Turtleherder
May 25, 2001 8:45 AM
I don't know if this is an epic moment but since we are exchanging stories of animals or nature here's my entry. I am on a desolute back road running though a sand praire along the Mississippi river. In the distance I see a large form cross the road from left to right. It stopped on the right shoulder. As I get closer I finally realized that it is a full grown wild turkey. The thing was huge. It stood about 3 1/2 feet tall and probabely weighed around 25 lbs. It had followed a hen across the road and as I road up it stood it's ground. Usually these birds are very shy but when I got along side it the turkey starts running next to me. We are only about three feet apart and almost eye ball to eye ball. I think to myself " I don't believe this I am in a race with a turkey!" The bird managed to get to 27 mph before he peeled off. The sprint for the line lasted about 75 yards. By the way, I won.
turtleherder = turkeyslayer. nmbill
May 25, 2001 8:58 AM
where are you? NMHaiku d'état
May 25, 2001 9:04 AM
here I amTurtleherder
May 25, 2001 11:56 AM
If it's me you are asking the "where are you question" than my location is in Clinton,Iowa on the Mississippi River. The great corn desert of this part of the midwest does have some realy nice farm to market roads for long miles. And before you ask, no my home was not flooded but some of my favorite routes were. Very odd when you come around a bend and find carp on the road instead of cars.
wondered 'cause you mentionedHaiku d'état
May 25, 2001 12:06 PM
the river, and i'm here in elvisville. intersting!
playing chickenJack S
May 25, 2001 10:50 AM
with a chihuahua that was running back home (and at me) after it ran out onto the road from a side street while chasing a car.
re: Most epic on the bike momentLen J
May 25, 2001 11:02 AM
Riding a hard Hilly century in Western Tenn., Late in the ride I'm working hard to get up one of those seemingly endless hills (You know the ones that every time you see what appears to be a crest it is simply a small flat area before the next part of the climb). I've been on this hill for about 45 minutes, when I come around a climbing bend and see What looks like about a 150 lb Rotweiller (sp?) Sitting at the very crest of the hill watching his lunch come to him. I'm spent so I know I can't sprint by him, I don't want to turn around cause I have no clue where I am (other than on the course), it suddenly seems like I'm the only rider on the road, and the dog is licking his chops waiting....waiting. Well, I figure, what the H, and I just continue working and trying not to look at him. But I have to peek, and he's just staring intently at me, nothing else seems to exist except him, me and the hill. This stare lasted all the way to the crest, and only ended as I started picking up speed going down the other side. Was it a mirage? Was he really there? Or did he look at my scrawney butt and figure I wasn't worth what little effort it would take to catch me? I don't know, but every time I come around a blind curve at the top of a climb I'm still looking for him.
re: Most epic on the bike momentDINOSAUR
May 25, 2001 11:26 AM
This is a real hard one, as I have had so many special moments since I started riding back in the early 70's.

One I recall is having a "special moment" while on a ride on a December morning in 1999 after coming back to the sport after I had retired early in that year. I felt as I was stuck in a time warp, and I recalled all the good rides I had in the past, and of all the good rides I could expect in the future. It was a great feeling. Later that evening while watching the evening news, I recalled the moment and decided that I should try to transcibe that moment in writing, so I got up off my rear and wrote a short story using my computer. A couple of days later , when I clicked on the old Performance Bicycle online newsletter, edited by Ed Pavelka (ex-editor of Bicycling Magaizine) I noticed that he was asking for inspirational stories about cycling. So on a lark I sent in my story, then went for a ride. When I got back, Ed had emailed me and said he really liked my story and he was going to publish it, and he requested a photo of me with my bike to use with the story. So I had my wife take a bunch of photos and I sent them in. The story and my picture were published, and for a brief moment I had my claim to glory.

I learned then that there are a lot of geat people involved in this sport and one should not pass judgement on an isolated incident with another cyclist. By and large they are a great group of people that share the same passion.

I gotta admit I get kind I irked when I see another roadie and wave and smile and they don't respond. I wonder if they really enjoy the sport as much as I do....

Then I always like it when I'm out for a ride an see another old road dog traveling in the opposite direction and we smile and wave at each other, and make eye contact. Like two ships passing in the desert. It's nice to see some other old guy out riding that hasn't given up the ghost. It also speaks of the value of taking an early retirement
and saying screw it to the world and just go out for a ride and enjoy the elements and listening to nothing of the sound of your tires meeting the asphalt and the wind rustling through the tree tops, and have endless time to do it. Yes life is good.....
re: Most epic on the bike momentRay Sachs
May 25, 2001 11:47 AM
Lots of them involving animals, like riding with a whole mess of whitetail deer through a forest while mountain biking - could have been scary, but it wasn't. Riding past a cow in the process of giving birth and hanging out long enough to watch the calf try to take it's first steps. Etc.

But maybe the most perfect moment came one Sunday morning about three years ago riding through western Lancaster County, PA on a solo credit card tour. It was early spring and a little cold out (I had arm and leg warmers and a windbreaker on), I was riding through Amish country and a bit of a mist was rising off of the farmland even though it was a beautiful, clear, sunny day. Bluest sky you ever saw, etc. A group of several buggies came toward me in the other direction, with all of the Amish in their Sunday best, on their way to church. The overall picture of the land, the people, the sky, the mist, the absolutely unending view, was just way beyond perfect and burned itself into my memory forever. I never would have been there or seen it the same way if I hadn't been on my bike.

I've had, and keep on having, a lot of great moments, but none come back to me any more clearly than that.

More like Divine justice...look271
May 26, 2001 8:00 PM
I could also tell tales of really cool sights involving animals, but my absolute, most gratifieing moment came with a lower species; a Elizabethtown PA garden variety red-neck and mate. Riding into this little central Pa town, I am passed by a 80ish AMC eagle hatchback, driver and passenger yelling at me: "get that piece of s*(t off the f*(^ing road!" 1-2 blocks later, they attempt to make a left turn into a side street. Car stops dead. Dead as a doornail. I ride by, close to the open passenger's window, and happily state:"works a whole lot better than your piece of s*(t, doesn't it?!" It just doesn't get any better than this. :-)
re: Most epic on the bike momentdug
May 25, 2001 2:08 PM
...cresting a small hill with a friend, we heard a noise behind us, 2 junkyard dogs, not barking and at full speed. Pissed at the whole world with us as targets. They were closing the gap, and it took a LONG time, but we finally 'dropped' them. Then the road dead ended.
So many...Ian
May 25, 2001 5:56 PM
There have been so many great moments involving cycling I can't pick just one.

The first MTB ride I did on a Magna from Target. It was upgraded to a Specialized not long after.

After getting a road bike and riding 20-30 miles (my longest was 35 miles) on weekends with friends. Then learning of a group ride near my home, going out to join them and ending up doing 75 miles.

Not an on the bike memory but, all the men that stood up for me in my wedding being riding buddies.

My first century and the fact that I did it for a charity.

There are so many, and so many more to make.
Rode with Lemond!graham
May 25, 2001 8:34 PM
I rode with Greg Lemond (and 100 others)several years ago. Smoked him on Strawberry Hill Road in Dover MA. Granted he was kinda porky at the time from years off the grind but still tactfully weaving through the rider traffic during my epic uphill sprint. Nice guy too.
Rode with Lemond!mike mcmahon
May 27, 2001 12:20 AM
I haven't been lucky enough to meet Lemond (yet) but I'm hoping to some day. However, I've spoken to and read about numerous people who have met him and have never heard anyone making anything but glowing comments about him. About 5 or 6 years ago, an employee of a bike shop in So. Cal. was murdered. Lemond participated in a ride to raise money for his family. I'm sure his participation exponentially increased the amount of money collected. And from what I heard, he was a real participant in the ride; it wasn't just a photo op. He did the ride and spent a substantial amount of time signing autographs and having his picture taken with anyone and everyone who expressed an interest. I wish our current champ could take his cue from Lemond.