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Ego at a training partner!(9 posts)

Ego at a training partner!Len J
May 24, 2001 8:18 AM
Last night, did our normal Wednesday night group ride with a twist.
A local (beautiful) 18 year old Female Catagory 2 (and improving)
Sponsored racer showed up to ride with us. Little did we know that in addition to the 9 of us, that Ego & his little brother Ego were also in the Pack with us. The Ride started out normally as wandered through the Eastern shore countryside. About Half way thru a 25 mile ride, said racer decided to do a pull and do some interval training at the same time. Before you can say "O S**t" we're doing +27 mph, Good interval. The bad news is that Ego was next in line (truthfully Ego was riding double with all of us). The long and short of it is none of us would back off and be the first to ride a slower pull than her. (Understand that none of this was thought out, just reacting) The pace keeps building until by the end none of us could talk, and all of us are leaning over our bikes at the meeting point trying not to Puke. Obviously, not a sane brain in the bunch.
After what seemed like 30 minutes I was able to talk, Looked at a riding budy who probably had the same stupid grin on his face as mine, and both of us laughing said simotaneously, "we're idiots!"!
You'de think at my age I'd be immune to such nonsense, but I have to admit, it felt great to be able to do it, No matter what the motivation.
I wonder if Women have the same problems?
That's Ego AS a training partner (Duh) nmLen J
May 24, 2001 8:21 AM
See non-cycling post!Lazy
May 24, 2001 8:23 AM
Your heart rate was probably 10 BPM higher than normal!
ah...there's nothing wrong with that!nuke
May 24, 2001 8:50 AM
It's a GOOD thing to change your pace once in a while and challenge yourself. Your body quickly adapts to what it is doing and so only in changing your routine do you improve yourself. This has always been a standard practice in muscle development. So go for it! Do it, once in awhile!
Female envy?Michelle
May 24, 2001 10:00 AM
Not really sure what angle you're coming from, but dont get the impression you believe it's possible for a woman to be faster/stronger than a man. I know gals that race with the Pro 1/2 men for "fun", and although I'm sure it's a major ego crusher for a lot of them, it also just goes to show that women are just as capable. You're obviously not a woman basher, but have run into this kind of thing a lot, and get pissed when guys think that just because they cant keep up with a girl means they're out of shape or not strong enough. They end up pushing the pace causing everyone to suffer rather than just backing off and telling the girl - "Hey, slow down, you're pushing too hard". You'd do that with a buddy right?!

Anyway, I've got the same kind of problem with passing fat guys on Mountain bikes (especially on hills), so guess we all have our weaknesses....
Female envy?Len J
May 24, 2001 12:42 PM
Thanks for giving me credit for not being a women basher. I was actually laughing at my own male tendencies. I'm not entirely sure how much of it was not being outdone by a woman and how much was trying to impress her. Either way, its childish but unfortunately, part of who we reflexivly are. Ah sweet humanness!!!!

However, I disagree that I would just tell a buddy to slow down, if you think men will ride hard not to be outdone by a women, you should see what they do not to be outdone by each other.
How chauvinism got me through the worst ride of my lifeDaveG
May 24, 2001 10:26 AM
Good post, I've seen it happen before. Sometimes this has a slightly positive effect...

A few years back I did a very hilly century on a cold and very windy day. I went out way too hard and got shelled of the back of a fast paceline. I was cracked. Crawling into a mid-point rest-stop I was passed by two young ladies like I was stopped. My ego was crushed. After the rest I continued and saw the two girls ahead of me on a brutally steep climb. They were struggling. As I started to gain on them, my male ego kicked in and I started to recover and accelerate. I passed one of the ladies about halfway up and the other near the top. Now they were cracked. Not wanting to admit I was fried, I offered to pull for them and we rode to the finish together. Had they not been there I never would have made it.
I can't help myself...MeDotOrg
May 24, 2001 1:18 PM
The road could be flat, uphill or downhill, I could have ridden 2 miles or 60, but if I round a corner and see another rider in front of me, I start to pedal harder. On Centuries I have to tell myself "DOWN BOY!" or I would be going at a pace for a 20 mile ride the whole time.

If I get into a duel with someone and win, it's because I'm a better rider. If I lose, it's because of equipment, or age, or my bad knee...

I think you need that spirit to improve as a rider, I think you sometimes need to let go of that spirit to enjoy the ride...
While on a training ridePeetey
May 24, 2001 2:54 PM
I look about 1000 yards back to see someone pedaling pretty hard. I say to myself, "They won't catch me!" and pick up the pace. A couple of minutes later I hear someone behind me and look. I am crushed when I hear "How's it going?" and notice it is an older woman (about 10 years older than me). She passes me like a blur, but I catch the lettering on her jersey "Colorado State Champion". I don't feel so bad.