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Trying to identify an oldie(2 posts)

Trying to identify an oldielikesbikes
May 23, 2001 11:14 PM
I have an old road bike that is missing all decals, but otherwise is complete. I'm trying to date it and have this much information.
I read that Suntour made its first front derailer in 1966, so it is at least post 66' (being that it is equipped with one) It has a Sutour Hero rear deraler, but I don't know when they started making them. That is about all I have that is age identifiable. unless the Weinman 27" rims might tell a story, but the hubs are too dirty to tell what they are. Moxy? cranks with a very closely matched chain rings.(big ring is no more than 1/2 inch bigger in diameter than the small ring) seems stupid to me.

If this info will help to date the bike then great. My next question is about styling. it seems to have an odd, small dia. top tube. very decorative lugs and no braze-ons of any kind. There are no water bottle cage bolt holes or pump mount. All cable guides and other modern braze-on points are suntour clamp-ons. It has a randoner(spelling?)handle bar. The lugs are crome, the fork crown is crome and the rear dropouts are cromed, along with about 4" of the chain and seat stays.

I'm just curious if this 5 dollar garage sale road bike was an investment that might be worth putting some money into, or if it is just another peice of junk to add to my collection. If I can figure out how to identify the maker of the frame and its approximate age, then I will probably repaint the frame and dry to restore how it originally looked. I think that it will be a very artistic bike if it is worthy of my time. It also has a serial number at the top of the seat tube and though it is a realatively low#, the fact that it exists at all, leads me to believe that this is an inexpensive production bike, but even at that, it might have some value, if only historical.

If you can help...Wonderful. If you need more info, please ask. The one thing that leads my curiosity and the reason I bought the thing were the very ornate lugs. Would this point to a French, Italian, or English bike? I suppose I could pull apart the bottom braket to help answer that question.

Thanks in advance, Randy
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May 24, 2001 10:41 PM
A search of the net will get you the how to info but these folks will be able to tell you a lot about your bike and components. Old/retro bikes are one of the things this email forum revolves around.