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Do you guys ride the road because of lack of bike handling(125 posts)

Do you guys ride the road because of lack of bike handlingbobbly
May 23, 2001 4:48 PM
skills? Is it tough to ride off road? Or is it because of lack of good trails in your area? Or do just enjoy the monotony of pedaling along thinking about anything and everything?
1) No; 2) No; 3) Nomike mcmahon
May 23, 2001 4:58 PM
I stopped riding mountain bikes in large part because I got tired of being around mountain bikers. Now, a question for you: Why do most pro mountain bikers spend more time on the road than they do on the trails?
Answer to your question. I thought everybody knew this.bobbly
May 23, 2001 5:09 PM
So you like the anal, uptight type... I see. The reason pro mtbers ride on the road is because it offers very consistent training (ie. no fun downhills where you can take a break) It also beats up on the body a bit less.

One more q:
Do you guys enjoy riding with 4000-5000 pound cars grazing you exceeding your speed by 40-50mph??
Me no understand what you saymike mcmahon
May 23, 2001 5:58 PM
"So you like the anal, uptight type. . . I see." Do you mean to say I am the anal, uptight type? If this is what you mean to say, to prove that I am not anal, I can provide you with a serially-numbered list of facts, each of which I can support with notarized documents.

In your answer about mountain bikers on the road does seem to admit that road riding provides better conditioning than mountain biking. Maybe we're making some progress. So, mountain biking is fun but it doesn't provide great conditioning. Do yourself a favor; instead of mountain biking, go to your local water slide in the summer. It's fun, doesn't provide much conditioning, and presents less risk of harm than mountain biking.

To answer your last question, I think you will see from one currently active thread here that few roadies enjoy being buzzed by cars. However, it's one of the hazards of the sport we love. On mountain bikes, I've encountered rattle snakes, mountain lions, a bow-hunter with his arrow trained on my chest, and cactus, anyone of which could have seriously injured or killed me. I would suppose things like this are the risks mountain bikers endure for the sport they love.
Id like to request the serially-numbered list of facts please.bobbly
May 23, 2001 6:06 PM
Please support with notarized documents. You seem a little defensive aobut this.? Hmmmm. I almost got killed by a cactus too.

Water slides feel too much like road riding. No technique involved just sit there and travel along.
Not defensivemike mcmahon
May 23, 2001 6:15 PM
A week ago, I would have ended my comment about the serial list with one of those winky-faced emoticons, indicating that I was just joking. However, I was recently chided by two (or maybe just one) posters for overusing them and am now afraid to use them. :-(

What part of the country are you in where you almost got killed by cactus? I almost got stuck to one at El Moro Canyon near Laguna Beach, CA. The bow-hunter incident was on BLM land near Cedar City, UT.

I liked the water slide come-back. Thanks for playing.
try racing..ColnagoFE
May 24, 2001 11:07 AM
ever wonder why there aren't many mtb racers that can make the jump to road racing? it's all good though. try and be a bit more open minded about it. i love a good singletrack as much as a challenging climb and descent on the road. why limit yourself?
MOst of them dont want to... but here's a couple who havebobbly
May 24, 2001 11:35 AM

R Green.
B Lopes. ( I admit nothing major here, but hes only a DH/DSer)
I ride road because........Largo
May 24, 2001 6:15 AM
It is a great way to get miles in when you don't have good mountain bikeing out your back door (like i do at home, but not here at school)its way more social than mountain bikeing, which makes those 4-5 hour rides pass quickly, road racing is way more entertaining than MTB because of all the tactics. Its just more cerebral.
Nothing i like more than long backcountry rides on single track, but a long road ride on nice country roads is pretty d@mned sweet.
Whatever you ride, remember, its all biking.
I like to ride, not drive with the bike on my car....dave
May 23, 2001 5:04 PM
Seems like most mountain bikes spend most of their time on a car rack. I like to ride 2 or 3 hours at a time, directly from home. I also have better things to do than spend hours cleaning mud off the bike,replacing chains, cassettes and other worn parts.
I like to ride, not drive with the bike on my car....bobbly
May 23, 2001 5:11 PM
Thats cool. Makes sense. How about all the flats with those 1mm thick tire and tube combos?
I've gone 5000 miles between flats...dave
May 23, 2001 8:13 PM
Where MTBers get the idea that road bikes get lots of flats, I don't know. I usually get 1 or 2 in 4000 miles. Ever ride that MTB 4000 miles in a year?
Newtonian "flats" :)Breck
May 24, 2001 8:17 AM
Are there really any flat spots on the earth. How would one measure this. One thing MTB'ers dont look for is flats(!). Being mountain Roadies up here at 4K foots, we are always lookin' for dah flats, much like Dwight Yokum's album "Just Lookin' for a Hit". Hit me, son.

Just thinking.
bubble gum cigar club
share the roadclub
May 23, 2001 10:22 PM
I ride singletrack 2-4 hours a day, every day, and I haven't hauled my bike in my 4x4 since last fall. If a trailhead's within an hour's pedaling distance from my house - and dozens, no make that scores, are -- I pedal. It's bone dry here, so no mud. And I don't go thru parts any faster than you would on the road. But I'm glad you're missing out on the best part of cycling -- as a roadie since 1966, and an MTBer since 1982, I can say that -- because I'd rather share the trails with the elk, turkeys, bobcats, and bears. You, I guess, like sharing with cars.
share the roadMabero
Jun 25, 2001 7:23 AM
I am a roadie now but I still love the woods due to the serenity of the woods...nothing like it but I can get the same feeling on those lonely roads of Maine or New Hampshire where cars are as common as bikers...but I get aggravated with sharing the road which definately is a casuality of the sport I love. I now ride road more than mountain biking just due to the speed and beauty of riding that bike on the road and feeling its precision and anticipation of what I am trying to do. It really is the difference in going trucking on day and riding in the convertible another. I personally prefer both...I ride road more because my mountain bike has gotten beaten up in this past year and needs repairs...but both compliment each other so well, and they do exactly what biking does for me...get me out there->and alone.
So, based on that, you wouldnt like to ski, surf, shoot gunsbobbly
May 23, 2001 11:38 PM
cause you couldnt do it without driving there? I can ride 2,3,4 hours when I drive there. Im lucky I guess as its only a 7 minute drive. 30 minutes for another great forest.

I think it was you who asked if I had ridden 4000 miles in one year off road. Thats easy. THe equivalent to that on the road is probably around 8000. That figure depends on whether or not youre riding solo or with a group.
hours and miles(to go before i sleep)Breck
May 24, 2001 8:37 AM
this is the reason we mountaineers both road and mtb use hours up here in the ozone. good points on the ski, surf, and guns(& bibles?). ridin dah bike shootin at a target would be great fun as the runners and nordic skiers do it with rifles in some events. i'll take a good twelve gauge double though with my trifocal aim! triples for trifocals anyone; ahhh now i see the connection.

Ok, that's it Bub!. Wuts up wit you? You fiction or WHAT!128
May 24, 2001 8:58 AM
With all due respect, you sound like a cross between Pat Robertson, Norman Rockwell, and any given friend of mine (the wide ranging knowledge, almost funny, convoluted part), I'm sure I speak for all here when I say; out with it, what's the DELI-O! I always get the sense your on just that side of reality peering in and therefore I say, you are a fictional character, looking for an identity anchor and we're being used to that end I say! What say you man!? This is not McCarthyism it's just ERG! If you want to stay in hiding, just tell me to back off and shut up, and indeed I shall. But I'm calling you out. Yeah that's right! This is the first and last of this I shall say, but be it known; I really find your musical taste flacid, just that side of good!! Plus you MISSED the reference to Gill Scott Heron ("the revolution will not be televised", and that got you in the doghouse!)
("so close, so close and yet so far.")

Peace. Out.

-Other fictional Poster (no! it's really me!)
Bubs my uncle taught me trot line fishing age of ten.Breck
May 24, 2001 9:09 AM
..."so near, so near, and yet so far away"

...ever fished on the Trinity river in Texas.

...& you're right as usual.
...will log out as Cap Ahab would suggest!

for dog house music try Hank Williams, SR's "Move it On Over".
"..move it on over little dog, cause the big dog's coming in".
That's you of course :)

Gill Scott Heron ..will check it out, & thanks.
& Pink Floyd don't forget.

double cheers, no chaser
one last commento before i go ...Breck
May 24, 2001 9:35 AM
my background is theoretical physics and started this whole problemo of a fixed frame of reference a long time ago for me. albert suggested that there is no fixed point of reference in the universe and so everything measured is relative. sort of like two rafts passing on a large still body of water where no land, etc. is in site to see who is moving and who is stationary. you are really not moving away from the house in the car, btw. your mom just told you so. if you take the car as fixed, then the house is moving away from you and all laws of physics hold ...unless "we" can find a fixed point of reference in the universe. albert sez it is so. we all move about a bit don't you think and fix our reference points relative to the masses. what's your reference point, fixed or no. whats mine(or mind to be more exact). mine is not a constant as you suggest. fiction or fact ...try john fowle's the magus or the french lieutenant's woman or maybe you have a suggestion. i do work at posing as a renissance man it is true.

you're blowing my mind, and it's only thursday (nm)Haiku d'état
May 24, 2001 9:51 AM
weak suggestionsBreck
May 24, 2001 11:06 AM
try "the universe and dr. einstein", i forget the author. and "one, two, three infinity" by isaac asimov. a good companion volume would be "barrack room ballads" by kipling.

& remember, light can travel around the earth about 7.5 times per second. it is only when one gets up to about 6.7 revs that relativistic equations begin to emerge. otherwise thay are only math solutions. newton and what we teach is wrong about gravity and the inverse function attraction, but the grammar school kids can't be made to solve 10th order differential equations in the warped space-time continuum as alberts friends could. besides the answers come out the same till the umpteenth decimal point.

Can I buy some pot from you?mike mcmahon
May 24, 2001 12:25 PM
Animal House.
That may be true in a materialistic system, which physics is,but128
May 24, 2001 12:22 PM
such a relatavistic framwork is not the touchstone of matters of psychological, spititual, legal or social analysis. So I suggest your analysis is limited to the physical universe (multi-verse?)
I see paralax motion as I pass a picket fence, but the effect is eternally the same for any viewer, passing the same spot.
Try Hegel's dialectics
Foucoult's Deconstructionism
Marx's Historical materialism
and anything by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Albert was diagnosed as learing disabled in his early years...(so much for that diagnosis)
Is his brain really preserved in formaldihide?
Smart question, Bob. Stick to, eh?boy nigel
May 23, 2001 5:14 PM
Though I doubt it, your query may've been sincere. If so (and I'm giving you more doubt benefit than I should be), then your phrasing surely won't make you any friends over here.

We ride road because we enjoy road riding; simple as that. Do you ride off-road because there are no decent paved roads near you? Do you live in the woods? In a swamp? Near quicksand? Miles from civilization? Hmmm. That would explain your riding off-road, yes.

Now get off the computer at the county library, wipe your saliva off the keyboard, and go home and clean the mud, sand, oil, blood, and sap off your bike. Atta boy!

Happy riding,
nigel, you made me laugh. Funny post.bobbly
May 23, 2001 5:29 PM
I was kinda sincere and kinda trying to wake up this here bored, I mean board. I actually have great roads here. I do go on them sometimes, I must admit. But it just doesnt compare to the dirt. I live for a great MTB ride.

Did you wipe all the snot off your bike from everybody farmer blowing in front of you??
Ah-ha.boy nigel
May 23, 2001 9:40 PM
First, I've never heard of one blowing their snot behind them "farmer blowing"; creative.

Second, I don't have anyone else's snot to wipe off my bike, since no one's ever in front of me. Get it? :) They're all behind me.

It's a big step that you can "admit" to riding on the great roads in your vicinity. Big first step,, that is, "bobbly."

Good night, sweet prince.
LOL! nmJohnG
May 23, 2001 7:07 PM
But see, if we didn't respond to guys like this...Retro
May 23, 2001 5:15 PM
...their messages would sink to the bottom, and they'd be sitting home alone thinking, "Jeez, I guess I really AM the kind of loser who has to crap on things I don't understand." But do we learn our lesson?
I realize this, but...boy nigel
May 23, 2001 5:26 PM
I was kinda having fun with this one. I think that anyone who reads the topic line will be curious about what "bobbly" has to say. Of course, with this extra reply, the topic remains up top (Sorry.).

Something told me that the loser in question might not GET that he IS that kind of loser (They usually don't).

Point well taken, Retro.
I know, butmike mcmahon
May 23, 2001 5:43 PM
boobly seems more sincere and likeable than most of the folks that work their way over here from He didn't cuss; he didn't call us gay. He was almost creative in his criticism. If we're going to have trolls around here, I'd rather have trolls like boobly than stinky. At least boobly can string a few words together into a coherent sentence.
Thanks Mike Mc.bobbly
May 23, 2001 5:50 PM
I appreciate your kind words. So... I was just wondering if you were a pro XC MTBer??
Thanks Mike Mc.mike mcmahon
May 23, 2001 6:03 PM
I'm not a pro anything, but thanks for asking.
re: Do you guys ride the road because of lack of bike handlingDINOSAUR
May 23, 2001 5:24 PM
Well this is probably a flame bait, but for what it's worth. I had a mountain bike about six years ago, but it was a big pain in the a** to load my bike in the back of my pickup, drive to a location to ride, unload the bike, then worry about my truck being stolen or vadalized while I was riding. I like riding a road bike because I can ride out of my garage. For what it's worth a lot of guys do both. As for bike handling skills, I guess you guys ride the trails so you don't have to deal with the 4-wheeled critters that are out to mow you down if you let your guard down...the other side of the coin is putting up with all the runners and horse riders that ride the same trails as the mnt bikes....We all ride on two wheels, I don't see a problem...
re: Do you guys ride the road because of lack of bike handlingMark Hollander
May 23, 2001 7:29 PM
Personally I enjoy both road and mountain. I live half way up a small mountain range. Highest hill about 750m/2500ft.
I can choose between Mountain trails across the road from my house, or get on my road bike and head either up or down the hills. I don't prefer either. They are both an adrenalin (?) rush. Obviously I ride the dirt mainly in winter, it's just more fun in the mud. I ride the road bike the rest of the year. Not all road riding is boring. Just head to the nearest hills, this will make it way more exciting. The challenge of conquering a hill then racing down the other side at 75kph+/46mph+ makes it all worth it. After all, who gives a shit about which type of bike you ride. They are both fun.
What's the point here...Steve Bailey
May 23, 2001 8:19 PM
I Mt. Bike (and have done so longer then road riding) 'cause: 1) I like the smell of the woods in the NE in the fall. 2) It's a great skill to acquire and maintain, 3) It's more enjoyable on a very cold winters day, 4) I sometimes need a change of pace from road riding, 5) I get off on the feel of swooping thru tight ST, following a buddy as we hammer a section we know well, 6) I can do it safely at night

I like road riding 'cause: 1) It's a better aerobic workout, easier
to control the intensity, thus better for me in the long run, 2) I get to use many of the balance and handling skills I sharpen while on the Mt. Bike, 3) I can go longer and farther, which burns more calories, 4) I get off on being in a paceline at +20 mph, or going down a well paved road at 45 mph - faster then the cars !, or following same budddy with both of us tucked into our aero bars on a long stretch of highway at well over 20 mph, his rear wheel 6 inches from my front, 5) I get to ride out of the house, or to commute to work 23 miles, something I would hate to do on a mt. bike, 6) It's a nice change of pace on a warm winters day from mt. biking the same 'ole, same 'ole.

I like both equally, and have never considered myself a roadie or a mt. biker, regardless of the e-mail name, just a cyclist. Try it, you may like it, as most cyclists have discovered.

I think also.Groucho Marx
May 23, 2001 8:32 PM
This is great guys. I don't want to dilute any of the animosity between mountain bikers and roadies, cuz I think its great. All the old roadie guys making cracks about how mountain bikers can't spell; all the mountain bikers not being able to spell, but try to anyway, but just end up spelling like they talk. Keep it up. (I mean it, honestly, it's great).

Let's hear some more. (seirous like MC hammer.)
Yes, I enjoy the monotony...E3
May 23, 2001 8:36 PM
...of pedaling along thinking of anything and everything. I really do. It's one of the best aspects of road cycling.

Plus, there are no mountains or trails here, just open plains and good roads.

I guess that makes me ineligible to drink Mountain Dew.
re: Do you guys ride the road because of lack of bike handlingdustin73
May 23, 2001 8:39 PM
do cyclo-cross put up with this type of stuff?
re: Do you guys ride the road because of lack of bike handlingdustin73
May 23, 2001 8:40 PM
do cyclo-cross'ers put up with this type of stuff?
Doubt itmike mcmahon
May 23, 2001 8:50 PM
Everyone loves cyclo-crossers. They're enough like roadies that roadies don't want to lay into them. They ride on dirt, so mtbers don't bother with them either. Also, I'm guessing that because cyclo-cross is still a relatively obscure pursuit, not that many people are even interested in them. However, if cyclo-cross blew up big time like mountain biking did in the 80s, cyclo-crossers would probably get it with both barrels from roadies and mtbers. You know, the backlash thing. Kind of like how some hard-core fans started turning againt Backstreet Boys when they went popular.
Oh Really! I can hardy wait for that pleasure.....(nm)Knobbly roadie
May 24, 2001 4:42 AM
re: Do you guys ride the road because of lack of bike handlingTom C
May 23, 2001 8:44 PM
Interesting that you would say "thinking about anything and everything" is monotony.
Stop the "Us Against Them" attitudeLizard
May 23, 2001 8:54 PM
Geez. So many recent "us against them" type posts have surfaced on this board that I'm starting to think that there's a jealousy factor going on here. Let's face it. BIKING -- whether it's with kids (our offspring), "kids" (adult friends who refuse to grow up -- in a good way), adults who need to unwind, or adults who need to prove themselves (*to* themselves, most often)that they have what it takes, or WHATEVER -- should be seen for what it is. A JOY. A THRILL. Why can't all bikers -- MTBrs and Roadies just accept the merits of both venues? Why can't we all support one another to further BIKING? LOOSEN UP!!!! (All this coming from a 40 year-old (*just*) mother of four young children -- all under 12 -- who barely has time to go to the bathroom in peace. A woman who is trying to get out on her cherished NEW roadbike for that little bit of expected NIRVANA and who looks forward also to learning the joys of mountain biking from her stumpjumper husband who now eyes every road bike with desire.) Yes -- the previous sentence was a run-on sentence. But it states the obvious. Think about it...
re: I started on the trails......WC2
May 23, 2001 9:03 PM
....decided to get a road bike for 2 reasons. For added fitness, and the abiltity to ride more often.

I found that I am riding ALOT more now, than I was able to on the Knobbies. Ive met alot of people, and i really enjoy road riding. I still love the trails as well. I actually havent been off road in a while, but am going to try and do so this weekend, and plan on entereing a few races(mtb) in the next few weeks.
May 23, 2001 9:24 PM
John Tomac, perhaps the most versatile cyclist of all time was both National criterium champion and member of the Motorala team for the Giro de Italia, AND a World Cup champion downhill mountain biker. Juli Furtado, former pro roadie and the most dominate XC MTB'er of all time was also the World Downhill champ in 93.

Other notable roadies among the MTB ranks- Jerome Chiotti, Ned Overend, Nick Fied, Derrin Stockton, Greg Randoulph, Alison Sydor, Frishi, Cadel Evans, and many, many more.

Right on though, roadies definitly can't ride the dirt.
And the XC champ is the son of a roadiemike mcmahon
May 23, 2001 9:51 PM
Cross-country champ Miguel Martinez is the son of Mariano Martinez, 1978 Polka-Dot-Jersey winner in the TdF. I know it doesn't matter, but what the hell?
Dusty SpringfieldBreck
May 23, 2001 10:02 PM
"but the only one that would ever love me,
was the son of a preacher man."
-dusty springfield
"Living Without Your Love"
United Artist, 1978
on classic wax!
yeah still got them old records.

soree mikey but gotta get tha song in :)
how was the bluegrass festival.

No, Cat Stevensmike mcmahon
May 23, 2001 10:08 PM
I loved Dusty. She did just die recently, didn't she? I was think more along the lines of "Cat's in the Cradle": "My boy was just like me." I was thinking that because I recently saw Mariano M. on tape and it was kinda like looking at Miguel M. on a road bike. Anyhow, I skipped the festival, as there were no takers here, and I wasn't up for a solo trip to Agoura.
No, Cat StevensBreck
May 23, 2001 10:23 PM
Believe Dusty did depart. Her song was "Son of a Preacher Man" and may be on the album i listed, or not. My other favorite was Dottie West which i have the full size poster of taken from El Toro late one night back in mebee 1977 when Tower was a Head Shop and the guyz saw my need.

Have all Cat Stevens albums on Ampex open reel tape including "Cats in the Cradle", "Tea for the Tillerman", "Teaser and the Fire Cat", &? (from memory[!]) but not logged in as neither are the 78's for the Victrola, or 45's for the juke boxes. It's CD and HDCD(just got the Harmon kardon FL 8380 player) now a daze.

Harry Chapin Not Cat stevens wrote Cats in the cradle. nmLen J
May 24, 2001 5:36 AM
Cover Artist and thanks, Len!Breck
May 24, 2001 8:04 AM
Mikey and me were referring to who made the song the biggest seller or is most known for it. Harry Chapin's "Cats in the Cradle" first showed up on his "Verities and Balderdash" album (Elecktra, 1974) and co-written with his wife . Cat Stevens(his real name, btw) "Cats Cradle"(a hand string game)album title was issued on the London label 1978? or later. Don't have the data to show which artist had the bigger "hit" sales wise with the Steven's composition,etc. but this *original artist, words and music, first recorded, cover artist, sales,etc!* was one of my worthless projects a long (long)whiles back.

Likewise "Barbara Ann" was written and performed by the Reagents, 1958. But most think of Dan & Jean or the Beach Boys for the "hit". And "Crazy" was written by Willie Nelson and for a while Ray Price, the Cherokee Cowboy(because he was born in Cherokee Co.) "owned" it, then Patsy Cline(Barbara Henessey(sp)sung it and it 'were' hers! Dick Clark took Hank Ballard's "the twist" and had an unknown by the name of Chubby Checker cover it to a tee. Thanks Dick and your almost 100% lip-sycn show of shows for us teens back then.

As you may also know the "Top 10" was started by Billboard mag. They simply monitored the early Juke Box counters which was a toothed wheel counter and would tick off the records played on the old boxes. Original multi play coin-op automatic phonographs(black term "juke box" from juke joints -the only place blacks could hear their music as radio wouldn't play Race Records at one time [Pat Boone's covers of Little Richard's songs comes to mind for the younger set, and Bo Diddley was *robbed* of his beat] played only the top or "A" side, and the flip or "B" side was a filler by the artist. Bobby Day's "Rockin Robin" is the only single record(45's by then) that did not have a flip side by the artist at the time(correct me if you have better data as always get in trouble when i extend myself on the bike or otherwise!).

I don't believe cover artist to be the same as bike posers cause the buying public makes the decision here, but of course are helped along by their sponsors and the posted top albums!(this is the missus bane).

If Mariano had his way...peloton
May 23, 2001 10:04 PM
we might see Miguel riding in the Tour trying to reclaim that jersey for his family. All reports say that the senior Martinez would very much like to see his son take to the road with his climbing ability.

I guess it is hard to argue with results though. Little Mig was World Champ, World Cup champ, and Olympic champ last year alone.
Speaking of Mig's, Big and Little.Breck
May 23, 2001 10:11 PM
Big Mig rode Armstrong right off his wheel in the 1995 tdF.

"I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't believe it. he rode me right off his wheel!" -lance armstrong post stage interview.

be interesting.

Much respect for big Mig. Would also like to see LA and indybobbly
May 23, 2001 10:34 PM
battle it out.
Watched little Mig battle it out at the Jr. world champs in Vail in 94. He smoked them all. I think he weighs 115. hes almost a midget. Big Mig was big and could still climb. He was the man.
I don't watch much mountain bikingmike mcmahon
May 23, 2001 10:12 PM
Especially now that we don't have OLN, but I always loved watching Miguelito put the hurt on the XCers on the climbs. He always looks like he's having a blast, and he does look like a natural for the polka-dot jersey. He's still pretty young, isn't he? There may still be time. The Euro road scene could use another colorful character now that legal/drug problems have tied up Pantani and age seems to be getting the better of Cipo.
Youre only partially right Peleton,bobbly
May 23, 2001 10:15 PM
but even if you were whats your point????

Furtado came from skiing. Yes, she had a small stint as a roadie. You could tell in 1990 that she had only ridden a road bike. She descended like a newborn fawn walks.

Tomac is a BMXer turned MTB stud who rode a few road events and yes, happened to blow away all the roadies at the crit nats.

Jerome Chiotte... I honestly dont know his background, makes sense that he comes from the road though cause he does drugs.

Ned is definitely not a roadie. Yes, he trains on one and races the Ironhorse classic, but hes not a roadie.

Nick Fied is a MTBer. Used to race with him in 90. He and Floyd Landis.

Stockton is a BMXer.

Frishy is not a roadie but a CX star.

Blah, Blah, blah. My point is 90% of these riders did not come from the road. THey did dirt first. You cant get skills from riding waterslides or from riding the the tarmac.
Some disagreementpeloton
May 24, 2001 9:11 AM
'She (Furtado) decended like newborn fawn walks' Furtado's bike handling skills were what really set her apart from the rest of the women's XC set at the time. She raised the bar for the rest of the women's field. Did I mention DOWNHILL WORLD CHAMP in 93? She didn't do that descending like a wimp.

Chiotti- Festine road team, gotta respect him for at least trying to help with the drug clean up in the sport

Ned- raced on the old 7-11 road team back in the day. I have a picture somewhere.

Nick Feid- came from the Track. Moved on to mountain bikes.

Stockton- Was a Cat 1/2 roadie before he started MTB

Frishi- came in 21 (I think) in the Olympic road race in 98. Looked like a roadie there.

What is your point? Lots of mountain bikers have been/are/will be roadies at some point. Fact is, more mountain bikers were roadies first. It is just riding a bike. Not like it's a different sport.
Yeah, but you cant just call them a roadie cause they racedbobbly
May 24, 2001 9:31 AM
the olympics. Sure they have fitness from racing mt bikes, why not use that on the road when the olympics come around. Its not like they have to learn any new bike handling skills. How about a pure roadie coming over to race just XC, let alone DH??? What happens?? They get roasted.

Also, Tomac was never UCI world DH champ. He got the silver once. He would never call himself a roadie.

Stockton was a BMXer before a roadie. Dirt again. Dangit!

Ned... what year was he on 7-11?? THats news to me. Are you perhaps thinking of Tomac?

Furtado, yes, she turned into quite the speeed demon on the descents. But you should have seen her inher first race. I did. She looked pitiful. She did learn to descend fast though, and she could climb like a banshee. I think Velonews attributed it to her DH ski racing. I still have the old issue somewhere.
you call them a cyclistpeloton
May 24, 2001 10:35 AM
Pure roadies coming over to XC was really the trend for a number of years. Chiotti won the worlds in one of his first MTB races. Lance Armstrong raced Mt. Snow's short track a couple years ago, and came in 4th. I wouldn't call that getting roasted.

Ned wasn't on 7-11, my mistake. I believe it was the Raliegh team that he was on. If I find the picture, I will post it. There was another early notable American MTB'er in the picture as well.

You are really losing me as to what point you are trying to get across. It's roadies don't have bike handling skills, isn't it? You will have a hard time backing that up is all I am saying.
Chiotti never won the worlds. Frishy did though. You forgotbobbly
May 24, 2001 10:46 AM
about the drugs he got from his Festina teammates. Who knows how he would have done sober. Probably 40th! Very tight competition at the worlds.

Short-track? might as well been a road crit.

Howd he do in the "real" race the next day?? I believe he said it was the hardest thing he had ever done. That was a few weeks after finishing le Tour.
Poor Frishy. Damn roadie took away his special day with drugs.bobbly
May 24, 2001 10:48 AM
Frishy and his dad peter have a sack full of silver medals. Frishy's one chance was tarnished.
you are rightpeloton
May 24, 2001 11:15 AM
Chiotti did steal the day from Frishi. I do applaud him for coming out on his own, and giving the credit to Frishi. So many sports are flithy with drugs, the NFL, the NBA, and others do nothing to control drug usage. You have to admire anyone who would come out on their own to say that they are dirty and things need to change.

And I give up! You are right. No one from the road has ever done anything in mountain biking.
face it, the same skills are learned on a roadbikebobbly
May 24, 2001 11:27 AM
can be learned on a waterslide. Just lean into the corners.
chili recipe, what ?Breck
May 23, 2001 9:33 PM
if it's a chili recipe you've come to the right place. but i bet you really are just wanting to know whats its really like to ride a road bike. well can help a little but not a lot. road biking and mountain biking are two ingredients in my fitness recipe, the third being trail running. now my chili recipe has no meat but thats ok as real chili has no beans. but mine has beans so like the road or mountain bike it can get a bit confusing. but no mind as that's the trail running part. now one can either ride the mountain bike to the trails or throw it in the toy truck and Vee-Eight over there. which reminds me something about the fitness recipe. like the 4wd toy V8, can i get a dohc heart valve. if so may have the bypass before i need it as took the meat outta the chili and started ridin the bikes both road and mountain just in case it werent the meat but you always need a back up plan as trails may close or be horse-ridden and public roads are hard fought too and lean steers dont pass for cows as you may know. dont got no milk neither but that is not part of the chili recipe nohow. *does chocolate milk come from real black cows*. now the road bike can ride it on the hard dirt road to town and start the ride or throw it on the rack of the lexus awd rx300(it ain't an suv if you just haul bikes the missus sez, though she don't like to put the road bike on it any more than she likes the chili recipe) and vee-six it over to town and ditto same ride. no road bikes in the truck pleeze and no mountain bikes on the rx. why am not sure but has something to do with the recipe. so for mountain you need the right ingredients and for road ditto same and for chili you don't need all the right ingredients but it helps if you are fussy. am not fussy and have ridden road bike mountain and mountain bike road and ate chili outta a bowl and trail run too. its complicated i know and thats why you asked. havent figured it out myself but next time will throw in some corn.

& pleeze bobble it about a bit as were coppin it all :)

important msg.
blue bayou where the hell are you. lindas askin.
eom, eof /$*
3/4 of the time, I don't know what the hell you're talking aboutmike mcmahon
May 23, 2001 9:56 PM
but I like reading your posts anyhow.

P.S. Not just Linda; I heard Roy calling from the grave.
Hes using metaphors. That might be new to you. nmbobbly
May 23, 2001 10:27 PM
Thanks Professor Higginsmike mcmahon
May 23, 2001 10:31 PM
Now I understand everything.
May 23, 2001 11:01 PM
"tha rain an spane falls slowly on tha plane"

i never understand a damn thang, n so i write as such :)

a mixed metaphor to me is tequila and what?
-help me out here. shitt, am gettin a hang over already.
cant touch the stuff anymore.

"My Fair Lady" was my most fav-0-rite muse-i-cal flic.
second was 'paint your wagon' -imagine eastwood singing!
and they said the words beans and hores in the same flic.
hmmmm, hores and chili?

Singin' Eastwoodmike mcmahon
May 23, 2001 11:09 PM
Paint Your Wagon was just on AMC last weekend. I caught just enough of it to hear Clint sing a little. I love watching movies where people are totally mis-cast. Every time he started singing, it looked like someone was squeezing his nutz with a pair of vice-grips. I'm sure his song-and-dance skills weren't keeping Gene Kelly awake at night worrying about the future of his own career in musicals.
LOL !Breck
May 23, 2001 11:29 PM
have it on beta, remember when?

it wuz lee marvin made the movie!

will have to get the dvd full aspect ratio!

Hey Breck, sounds like your a Toyota fan. Me too.bobbly
May 23, 2001 10:29 PM
I love 'em. Probably the most well made cars on the road. Sure would be nice to have one of those 4.7l DOHC things in my driveway.
hay am enjoying the posts ...Breck
May 23, 2001 10:52 PM
and i get real bored too at tymes. one of my fav-o-rite(merley haggard lingo) posters got booted outta here or same result by the thought police for using street lingo & other claims. itz zit funny but the two goin at it seemed to talk the lingo. my *real black cows* cows came from a hires rootbeer ad i have, so have an out just in case(tractors) run me down & out. anywho, yeah the de-tuned Toy will flat get. mebee add the dual cat back and K&N filter or downey off-road breather. no x-charger though wouldn't cost more than a boutique road bike ..and way more fun.

can see, as i thought, you are an accomplished mountaineer. my bike is a klein fervor tricked out for technical climbing, my specialty. not good at it but must have a specialty([!], as in records). no suspension yet ..mebee in two years when i turn six-oh. white hubs, syncros(what happened to Hammer & cycle?) stem and post, XTR rapid fire. my road bike is a straight oclv built up with mix and match shimano 105 thru dura-ace and dt shifters, synchros ti post, yeti grips ...both gotta honor. can not contribute much to the board as my road rig is old hat already and not Top Hat as Linda's "Lush Life" -linda rondstadt, Electra, 1984. soree got this shitt on the brain.

keep it up :)

bgcc -bubble gum cigar club
yeti grips on the road?!Breck
May 23, 2001 11:23 PM
put em back on the mountaineers bike! & with the alum set screw clamps ..the new widgets had to add to keep the grips from twisting. 2.35 WCS ritchey skin walls for the desert aired down to 35psi & air-b tubes. hay,did a complete flip on fast down hill desert jeep road and took out a teddy bear cholla cactus(as in uprooted and out) desert mtbing ...& have it on tape as my bud rich had the helmet camera on at the time. 30 spines in the front air-b but covered by one large and two small glue patches! however as you know the "other" spines eventually work their way thru for later flats.

shitt, its cinelli black cork tape ONLY on the road oclv with the alum expander caps instead of pos plastic bar end tape holder. TTT bar & stem & king headset(both mtb and road).

can be a bit fussy.

think bob the cat is after the geese!

I was gonna say. Youre cracking me up.bobbly
May 23, 2001 11:31 PM
Youre not the typical roadie. I like it. Helmet cams are great. Have some priceless footage myself. Great stuff.
Breck's not the "typical" anythingmike mcmahon
May 24, 2001 6:40 AM
Mr. Leath, you need your own show on public-access cable. Forget OLN, I'd buy a satellite dish for the sole purpose of seeing your show. You could run helmet-cam footage, recite poetry and short stories on-air, give up some of your "recipes", and give all the details on your trucks and bikes. The Revolution WILL be Televised!
blame rcaBreck
May 24, 2001 8:28 AM
"his master's voice". grew up listening to the radio so never got the big picture till ws 15 or so. digital sat's my cup-o-tea. hay, check out michael jackson, 570 on the LA rad-i-o dial each morn bout ten.

an aside is the follow on rad-i-o program by the good doctor "D". he opined both men should check their balls for scrotum cancer and women their breast for breast cancer ...but by the opposite sex, etc. great ideer & so maybe our significant other could help us determine the index of penile numbness caused by too much time in the "other" saddle. "i got he horse and you got the saddle, ...lets ride" -mel tillis and he didn't stutter on that one.

Get Help... Soon....Len J
May 24, 2001 8:33 AM
But not enought to change your enjoyable posts.
i here you there! :)Breck
May 24, 2001 8:42 AM
i would have my one wish that peoples would relax and post(erior) their true thoughts. but careful what you wish for, etc!

Dr. Demento-o-Dr. Demento-omike mcmahon
May 24, 2001 8:50 AM
I used to listen to the Good Doctor as a kid on Sunday evenings. Fish-Heads, Fish-Heads, Rolly-Polly Fish-Heads, Fish-Heads, Fish-Heads, Eat them Up, Yum!
Trout Mask ReplicaBreck
May 24, 2001 9:13 AM
cap beefheart.
sorree mikey gotta log out ...tha big dog's biting my tail!

cheers & latorrrrrr
Flying Tuna Fish Trot: BlueOysterCult (not that I like it)128
May 24, 2001 9:25 AM
Try 10cc
Someone else who remembers the Four on the Floor!Marlon
May 24, 2001 3:32 PM
Mr. Canoehead! Mr. Canoehead!
have the K&N on my old 3.0L. Seemed to help low end.bobbly
May 23, 2001 11:24 PM
Wish they made the supercharger for this guy. Havent heard much about it for the 4.7. Have driven the 3.4 with it and it really flew. Thats the great thing about TRD stuff, you just know its quality and its not gonna hurt anything.

Im ready for a new one. Waiting for the new runner. Hopefully they re-do it for '02!!
yeah I think you nailed itclub
May 23, 2001 10:27 PM
I started out as a roadie but pretty much mastered that about the time Nixon was resigning. I'm still getting better at MTBing. I ride with lots of folks who are primarily roadies, and very few of them can ride technical singletrack to save their lives. One semi-famous roadie who holds cross-country records literally pissed his shorts when he visited slickrock, honest, I know the guy who took him there. Now for some real fun, take your road bike on singletrack sometime....
SO true on the roadbike on the single track!bobbly
May 24, 2001 11:56 AM
If you can find some hardpacked s-track, take your roadbike on it. Its a serious blast. This will really improve your riding skills as well as give you some big grins.
Oh yea--well my dad can beat up your dad.STEELYeyed
May 24, 2001 8:21 AM
Roy Jones Jr., jr.Breck
May 24, 2001 8:46 AM
oh yea. [X)))!

I'll kick any mtbr's butt down a hillfreespirit
May 24, 2001 8:53 AM
Just let any mtbr try to keep up down a long, twist mountain road descent; they have no idea what real speed and handling is; try taking a corner at 55 mph, having a rear tire step out, and then correct and blast down to the next corner. If a mtbr hits 20 mph they think they are supersonic. They have no idea.
in one of my dh races I averaged 43 mph. That was with about 3bobbly
May 24, 2001 9:47 AM
10mph hairpins also. 55 is nothing. Just hit 52 last night on a little dh down to my car. Sounds like you hav e no idea.
But sure, most s-tracks are slower. This race was on the Kamikaze. Top speed was I think 62??
Kamakazie?Groucho Marx
May 24, 2001 2:47 PM
The Kamakazie? Having trouble with the kamakazie?

-Go straight, and hope you don't slip. Howz that for bike handling.
Now see, with that kind of logic its no wonder roadiesbobbly's friend.
May 24, 2001 5:38 PM
cant get down the trails without falling down. Youd be flying off a gorge in 2 seconds (thats about how long it takes to get to the first turn) out of the starting box. Make that 30 seconds for you. WOAH!!!!!

Its really sad.

Maybe your local club can set up some cones in a parking lot and you could have a bike handling clinic?
I admit it, I would ride trails if I couldSidley
May 24, 2001 9:07 AM
I ride the road because there are no trails near my home (New York City). The most fun I ever had on a bike was mountain biking in the desert outside of Las Vegas. Your question is like asking, which is more fun, playing soccer or running. Clearly, soccer is more thrilling but achieving endorphin fueled highs and the pleasure of a solitary run are also great. The whole zen thing of road riding provides a stress release and sense of accomplishment that no other sport has ever provided.

Coincidentally, you might be suprised to know that I rearely get within 10 ft. of a car. The Central Park loop (where I ride 80% of my miles) is closed to autos several hours a day and all weekend. The only thing that screams past me are other roadies. The remainder of my miles is spend on a popular route to several upstate towns accross the Hudson River which, for the most part, has wide shoulders and little traffic.
Oh foolish "freerider" you know not of which you speak.J.S.
May 24, 2001 9:18 AM
I raced BMX and Expert DH but now just race on the road and X-C MTB. On one of the local "road" traing rides recently we had Brian Lopes, Dave Cullinan, Randy Lawrence and few other local DH pro's. Obviously your a better bike handler than these guys because they ride on the road, right? Hop into a local crit or try to stay with a fast group on a tricky road descent and you'll be peeing your pants.
i think you missed the point.bobbly
May 24, 2001 9:54 AM
Not one of these guys has a road background. We all know these guys train on the road. Tell Cully and Randy hi from bobbly. Ask Cully to "hide the turtle"! Hes a nut case. Is Cully just working @ Oakley or is he gonna ride for PT cycles?
re: Do you guys ride the road because of lack of bike handlingveloboy
May 24, 2001 11:52 AM
Let me guess, you ride full suspension, don't you? I ride road, mountain (steel hardtail) and cyclocross and love them all. I have been riding road for about 12 years (about 3,000 miles/year), mountain for ten years (don't use a computer so don't know the mileage) and cross for two (did a few races last year).

I don't ride a bike because it makes me feel better than anyone else or that my unit is bigger, I ride it because its fun. Each discipline has its own benefits.

To answer the skill question, I ride in Pennsylvania mostly with wooded singletrack, wet rocks and roots. The only area I have ridden outside of the mid-atlantic region is the Sedona, AZ area. I don't think the trails were any more/less difficult, just different. I think they were less technical but there was probably a little more climbing.

I ride mostly road because its easier to get on my road bike and go from wherever I am, home, work, etc. With my mountain bike I have to put it on the car and take it to the trails. They are not that far, there is a park right accross the street from my house with a bunch of easy singletrack, doubletrack and big fields. That was the primary reason for building the cyclocross bike. It would have been too easy and boring on my mountain bike. Its a lot of fun in the winter when there is snow.

I do enjoy the time that riding a road bike by myself gives me to think. I also cover a lot more ground and see a lot. I am able to avoid a lot of busy roads even though I live less than fifty miles from one of the largest cities in the country.

Putting in all of the road miles does give me an advantage over a lot of the dirt-only folks I come accross though. I agree that there is a difference between the roadies and the mountain bikers that are both only one-trick ponies. Be it good or bad. You should pick your battles with a little more thought though so you don't give us all a bad name.
only battled with the defensive type. It was just a question.Bobly
May 24, 2001 12:15 PM
I really do like the road. It has some great things about it. I dont get on it too much, but I just hate the snobby type. They seem to be quite prevalent in the sport. I did a little crit the other night and they bugged me. Just had to vent.

All in all, I would just like to promote riding in the dirt occasionally. Try it, you'll smile.

By the way, who just barely stole my name?? Typical roadies. I'll now go by bobly.
Flame Bait: Simplegrz mnky
May 24, 2001 12:02 PM
It ain't a black and white world kid. I ride on the road to improve my handling, strength, and endurance on the MTB and I enjoy it. I ride on the dirt to improve my handling, strength, and endurance on the roadbike and I enjoy it. Ultimately you're still riding a bike, enjoying the great outdoors, and the post ride buzz from either and hanging with you buds is excellent.

I just don't have much respect for extreme zipper head DH'ers pushing their pig rigs up the hill thinking that this is the only thing in life. Now _that_ is monotonous.

BTW - the terrain in Northern California yields both excellent road and MTB riding, perhaps you've heard about it.
Someone just stole my name. Fess up. I'll have to use bobly nowBobly
May 24, 2001 12:19 PM
Watch out for anyone using bobbly as thier name, theyre a kleptoBobly
May 24, 2001 12:24 PM
maniac. it happened about 11:00 today. Beware. If you are the thief, please give me the password. I'll find you.
Yeah, butmike mcmahon
May 24, 2001 12:24 PM
this flame bait is more fun and civilized than most. Unlike most of our trolls, bobbly/bobly seems to know his ass from a hot rock most of the time. He has actual "facts" to support what he's saying. Obviously, we can argue until we're all blue in the face about whether his facts are accurate, but he doesn't appear to be making any blatant misreprentations and he hasn't resorted to name-calling and the other garbage we usually encounter with mtb trolls. bobbly is hereby nominated as King of the Trolls.
Yuppergrz mnky
May 24, 2001 12:41 PM
It's a loaded question like asking "Do you still beat your wife?"

Even if the guy knows some facts (probably reads a lot of magazines), it doesn't much matter since the assumption is postulated as a truth and most responses are defensive. Turn the question around: "Do you ride MTB's cause you can't climb/corner/sprint/maintain a paceline/etc. on the road - doesn't it get really monotonous?"

Someone has bunch of time on their hands and an extra large spoon to stir sh!t with.
you can't climb/corner/sprint/maintain a paceline/etc.Bobly
May 24, 2001 12:58 PM
Anyone who rides an MTB can do those. Whats so hard about riding in a paceline??? Oh yeah, youre a roadie. Is it hard for you to jiggle your elbow when your tired of pulling. Too many things going on at once huh??
Anyone?grz mnky
May 24, 2001 1:35 PM
I think not.

You _need_ another bong hit.
May 24, 2001 1:43 PM
mountain bikers rule at riding pacelines they just kick ass everywhere well, off to go be cool somewhere
give him creditpeloton
May 24, 2001 12:44 PM
He is more inventive and civil than most of the flamers we get here.
Does seem to have some knowledge too. I think the setiment is still the same though, roadies are't good- for whatever reason.

To me, I ride the road, mountain bike, and used to BMX when I was a kid. I don't see what the real difference is between any of the smaller sub-groups within the sport of cycling. It's all just rolling around on a bike, where ever you do it or how. I can't imagine having animosity against someone for riding a bike differently than I do. In the words of Rodney King "Can't we all just get along...." ;-)
Aparently Not ;-) (nm)grz mnky
May 24, 2001 1:33 PM
No kidding :-) (nm)peloton
May 24, 2001 1:49 PM
re: Do you guys ride the road because of lack of bike handlingFree Willy D.
May 24, 2001 2:27 PM
Having done both (fairly extensively), I'd say there's no comparison between the skills needed to negotiate most single track and a
100 km crit., which adds up to at least 250 corners at over 30 mph in a hundred plus rider field.
BOY! Where do you find 60 mile crits?? All you need to rememberhavenopolis
May 24, 2001 3:04 PM
is lean when they lean.
Wow, what a concept! You pay $$ to ride your bike in a circlehavenopolis
May 24, 2001 3:10 PM
for 2 hours. Do you get dizzy?? Do you get tired of watching out for "squirrels"? Id rather do that than ride on trails anyday. Where do I send the money??
It was just a matter of timemike mcmahon
May 24, 2001 3:25 PM
before bobbly's less intelligent friends started hearing about this thread and working their way over here from Thanks, bobbly, for the diversion. It's time to move on. Enjoy the trails or roads and be safe.
Reflection and conversation?Marlon
May 24, 2001 3:44 PM
Road cycling differs from mountain biking in that when I'm going hard solo, I feel like I'm challenging myself to achieve my ultimate human-powered speed. No gravity, no obstacles, just me focusing on my technique and fitness. In a sense, yeah, it's easier than mountain biking, but it's a different challenge on the trails - you're challenging yourself skills-wise, staying on the trail and picking the perfect line. Different sense of accomplishment.

When I'm going easy solo, yeah, I do like thinking. Cycling gives me a chance to reflect about things I don't normally think about, or don't give time to. It can be boring, but it can also be wonderfully relaxing, just like riding trails can be enormously mentally satisfying.

Finally, when I'm riding with others, if I'm going hard, it gives me a challenge - to keep the pace. Same with mountain biking. But when I'm going easy with others, road cycling I think outshines mountain biking because it gives me an opportunity to talk with others. I've had some pretty good conversations and discussions with others on road rides, something you don't often get a chance to do while mountain biking. In all other respects though, mountain biking does rule - especially skills-wise as you pointed out.
Thanks for your honesty. Yes,havenopolis
May 24, 2001 4:33 PM
its a little harder to have a discussion as everyone is single file sometimes. You just have to talk a little louder.
Do you guys masturbate because of lack of willingRedrum
May 24, 2001 4:50 PM
dates? Is it tough to date? Or is it because of lack of good dates in your area? Or do just enjoy the monotony of wacking off thinking about anything and everything?

See biking is like sex - to each his/her own.
I think I detect a bit of an analogy.havenopolis
May 24, 2001 5:11 PM
Masturbation is like riding the road.

The real thing is like riding off-road.

I get it now.
havenopolis/redrummike mcmahon
May 24, 2001 5:22 PM
Do us all a favor: if you're going to come trolling over here, huddle up with your fellow mtb'er bobbly and see if you can get some tips from him. He annoyed the hell out of people here and caused a big ruckus, but at least he did it with some panache. You guys sound like a couple of junior high school boys who just learned the meaning of "masturbate" in today's session of Sex-Ed.

redrum: Hee-hee, masturbate.
havenopoliss: Huh-huh, you said masturbate.
redrum: You're prolly gonna masturbate tonight.
havenopolis: Shut up, dude, you're the one who's gonna masturbate.
redrum: Your dad masturbates.
havenopolis: Shut up, dude, your mom masturbates.
redrum: Whatever, dude, chicks can't masturbate.

Etc., etc.
Gotcha!grz mnky
May 24, 2001 6:12 PM
I'm sorry Mike, but I didn't really mean to piss you off - honestly.

It was satire plain and simple. I took Bobly's _exact_ post, changed a few words and posted it. The point, which you got (sort of), was to show how asinine and juvinile his post was. Hevenopolis just extended the concept, sort of. The most amazing thing was all the response he got.

BTW - Redrum is "murder" spelled backwards from Steven King's "The Shining" If I'd signed my name to it the response would've been different. It's been a long day and the a/c has been cut back to save power.....

Heh, heh, heh, c-c-c-c-ool.
Getting burned sucks. Heh-heh.mike mcmahon
May 24, 2001 6:36 PM
Nice work. I wasn't pissed off; I was more or less amused at the stupidity of your two boys and was just hoping that we were getting near the end of this thread. IMHO, you're one of the smartest guys on this board, which probably explains why you are so good at creating posts (redrum's and havenopolis's) that sound so dang stoopid.

I recognized redrum from the Shining. It freaks my wife out because I do that R-E-D-R-U-M thing with my finger in the middle of the night every now and then when I know she's awake. Fortunately, she has a sense of humor.

Damn, we're smooth, heh, heh.
Not so fast Mikey. Dont insult me by thinking Grz Mnky ishavenopolis
May 24, 2001 10:26 PM
me. Thats sad if you think Grz is one of the smartest on the board. Yeah, he probably served a few years in a shop. All he knows about is his damn Ti Serotta he bought used. Everyone knows Serottas are custom and are supposed to be built for a specific individual. He paid for a Serotta for no reason. Does Ben know about this? What a shame. He claims to be a physics smarty but has no knowledge to back it up.
Sour Grapesgrz mnky
May 25, 2001 11:30 AM
Hey, Hevenopolis you need to lighten up, your post sounds like a bad whine.

How wrong you are angry little man:

1. Haven't worked one minute in a bike shop, ever.

2. I probably know something about other bikes having owned and worked on _many_ others.

3. Serotta's are not "supposed to be custom" - it's an option. Standard geometry is what shops stock (which is how the guy I bought it from bought it). Why do you need "custom" if stock fits perfectly? If you can get it used and save a buck why not?

4. A Serotta for no reason - how about it's a great ride? It isn't the only good ride - there are lots of others. Yeah, superficial and image conscious - that's the real me. Those that know know.

5. Ben Serotta knows - spent over an hour talking with him in person at the Sea Otter classic this year with Wade from the Spokesman. Very nice man and the cousin of my college room mate. We discussed bikes in general, my bike in particular, and the new IT and ti F-1 fork. Do you know Ben? How about Jack?

6. I don't claim to be a physics smarty - you do. Prove me wrong when we start discussing something technical. You've got the brains and all the answers, right?

Like the old saying goes: Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut and let the world think you're a dope than it is to open it and remove all doubt.
GOTCHA! You responded to flaim bait!!! I too had an off thehavneopolis
May 25, 2001 2:47 PM
shelf Serotta in 89.
Touche!grz mnky
May 25, 2001 7:10 PM
Gotta laugh when the tables get turned on me.... ;-)
Not so fast Mikey. Dont insult me by thinking Grz Mnky ishavenopolis
May 24, 2001 10:35 PM
me. THats sad if you think Grez Mnky is one of the smartest on the board. Yeah, hes probably put a few years in at hte LBS. All he knows about is his damn Ti Serotta he bought used. Everyone knows Serotta is a custom bike and is meant to be built specifically for each individual. He paid for a custom built for someone else. Smart huh? Does Ben know about this? He claims to be some physics brain. Prove it. I have not been even close to impressed by your "knowledge".
Thanks for your post. Have a nice day. (nm)mike mcmahon
May 24, 2001 10:38 PM