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Nishiki International and Fixed-gear Qs...(1 post)

Nishiki International and Fixed-gear Qs...OneMoreBike
May 23, 2001 4:46 PM
Hello Bike People,

I was looking for a beater bike and bought a Nishiki International on Ebay for about $50 bucks.
I know nothing about the bike except that it has a Suntour drivetrain and Diacomp brakes. The bike is black.

Anyone know anything about Nishiki Internationals? Like what steel they were made of? How constructed? (Lugged, I hope!) Was it an all right bike for its time? Does it have eyelets for attaching racks/panniers?

If the bike is a mechanical mess, I may turn it into a fixed gear. (as far as I know only the rear wheel needs replacing... the rest is supposed to be in working order.)

Which brings me to another question... Anyone order a "flip-flop" hub or entire wheel from Sheldon Brown for their singlespeed bike? I want to be able to have both options: freewheel and fixed gear. What did it cost you? Anyone else find a cheap alternative for a dual purpose rear wheel?

Thanks a lot guys,