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Help -- How do you keep sweat out of your eyes?(17 posts)

Help -- How do you keep sweat out of your eyes?skimoviestar
May 23, 2001 3:18 PM
So what's the best way to keep sweat out of your eyes during a nice, hot summer ride (other than by evaporation due to a blisteringly high avg. mph., of course)?
a headbandnuke
May 23, 2001 3:24 PM
I had the same problem and found that using a headband works great to accomplish this purpose. However, just not ANY headband; I've found that the standard terry cloth cotton headbands are (a) just too thick to fit under your helmet and (b) retain water like a towel (what would you expect?).

So, I lucked out one day and found a Nike Dri-Fit headband, which I don't think they make anymore, as I have not seen them since at Oshman's Sporting Goods. It is made of a Coolmax-like fabric, which means that it is thin and easily fits underneath the helmet. Plus, since it was wicking properties, it equally distributes the water around the band and also dries much faster than a terry cloth band.

A band made of Coolmax or similar quick-drying thin material should also work for this purpose. If I lost my current band and couldn't find a replacement, I'd be greatly tempted to cut up an old Coolmax or Dri-Fit shirt to make a band of it as it works very well for me.
Yeah, do those Headsweats tie-back things really work?boy nigel
May 23, 2001 3:26 PM
In light of the fact that my head sweats buckets during rides, does anyone have those bandana-styled things the pros use for mountain stages? I'd suppose they work (since the pros do use them), but I'd dig some reviews from "mere mortals."

Anyone use them? Do they have terry in the front, or just coolmax? I'd think that just Coolmax wouldn't hold sweat too well (the Coolmax pads in my Boreas just dump my sweat into my face periodically).

What's the deal?

sweat relief techniquefreespirit
May 23, 2001 3:31 PM
Lean to the side of your bike and look down and slightly back. Press the front of your helmet hard against your forehead. Sweat will pour out of the pads and stream away from you, freeing them up to absorb more sweat. Works great.
Out of necessity, I've taught myself this technique.boy nigel
May 23, 2001 3:37 PM
I have to press on the front and front sides to get this to be really effective, but it does work here and there. I just hate that I HAVE to do it; know what I mean?

Maybe this is my answer, after all. :(

Thanks. Glad I'm not the only one doing this salty, nasty thing.
not headsweats, but similarHaiku d'état
May 23, 2001 3:32 PM
designed to redirect the sweat from up front (and all over) to the tie-off in the back. have three of 'em, given to me by a friend, they work well unless you're REALLY giving it the ol' college try, then the floodgates just can't be reckoned with.

seem to have better luck with cycling caps turned backwards under the helmet.
Headsweats work OKDaveG
May 23, 2001 7:25 PM
I have a couple of the Coolmax Headsweats. Being follicly challenged, I thought they would help protect my head. They work fine as long as the humidity isn't too high (which happens quite a bit here in Jersey). When its really hot and humid they just can't wick the sweat fast enough and I stick with a headband which is easy to wring out. Headsweats have the added benefit over a headband of keeping bugs out of your hair. If you live in an area of the country with lower humidity, you should be happy with them
Yeah, do those Headsweats tie-back things really work?Made in Taiwan
May 24, 2001 1:36 AM
they really do work, i picked up two of them at the LA bicycle expo, and they are pretty good. i put one on my head and carry another one in the jersey pocket tho, cuz they get wet pretty fast and i have to replace them. course, since i sweat a lot and i wear it under the helmet, it doesnt' dry out as fast as the pros san helmet (mt. stages) so that's why i carry a spare
Doo Rags (Headscarf on the other side of the Atlantic)MeDotOrg
May 23, 2001 3:32 PM
Some people just use a terrycloth headband...I like a doo rag because it covers my hair (what's left of it)...
Doo Rags (Headscarf on the other side of the Atlantic)Larry Meade
May 23, 2001 3:44 PM
I went to Wal-Mart and bought a package of two bandanas for something like $3.00. They work great. I fold it in half corner to corner and tie it in back. Since I have started using them, I haven't had any trouble with sweat in my eyes.
re: Help -- How do you keep sweat out of your eyes?DINOSAUR
May 23, 2001 4:40 PM
I use a Terry Cloth headband, it's best to have a couple of them as you need to wash them every couple of days. I have to adjust the straps on my helmet to accomodate them, then in the winter I'm wearing a skull cap and I have to readjust. I've thought about those type of headbands that Pantani wears, I would think that you need a little ventilation in order to cool off. The pressing the helmet on you skull works O.K. as long as the sweat doesn't run down in front of your face. Makes me remember the days when nobody wore helmets, a nice feeling, however it's not a nice feeling if your skull impacts the roadway.....
HeadsweatsRich Clark
May 23, 2001 5:02 PM
I really like my Headsweats. I used to use regular terry headbands but they'd get saturated and never dry out, and after a few washings they lost their elasticity.

Headsweats use a terry-like cloth made of coolmax and they seem to be able to wick an infinite amount of sweat off my giant Irish head and let it evaporate, but never seems particularly soaked itself.

And in cool weather it helps keep my bald pate warm.

Love 'em.

re: Help -- How do you keep sweat out of your eyes?Mark Hollander
May 23, 2001 7:41 PM
My brother and I have been using bandanas for years, there great. Just fold em in half, then fold from the pointy end over and over in two inch widths. They cost stuff all and can be washed millions of times without deteriorating. In winter I just wear it over my whole head (just like one of those "Rappers"). It keeps your head warm, if you have one of the newer helmets that has more holes than plastic.
Wear ski goggles (occasionaly some use a bandanna).Groucho Marx
May 23, 2001 8:41 PM
@__T In case you can't tell thats a bike.
re: Help -- How do you keep sweat out of your eyes?brokenspoke
May 24, 2001 5:01 AM
Easy peasy! Go to the chemist and buy a bottle of petroleum (sp?) jelly. When you ride smear a line of the stuff all the way across your forehead, just above your eyebrows. Sweat now runs down sides of your head and not in your eyes. Works for me!
rumor: chapstickDuane Gran
May 24, 2001 5:42 AM
I have heard a rumor from some racing buddies and I'm curious if anyone has tried it yet. I haven't, but plan to soon. They say that you take a tube of chapstick and run it on your eyebrows. Supposedly the wax base streams the sweat to the outside of your face.
I have tried........Neo
May 24, 2001 10:28 AM
I have tried a lot of things and posted this same question last year. Since then, this is what I found.

I also lack hair. I used to use bandannas, but once these got soaked, they were useless. I looked around for everything. Then I met Alan from Headsweats at a trade show. He turned me on to them and I love them. They work for me. I still get sweat into my glasses on the warmest and hardest days, but less than I used too. I also have used the chapstick in the eyebrows, and that works too. My problem was compounded by the fact that I wore RX lens in back of my bolle's (Parole clip ons). I recently had Lasik surgery, which totally helped that part. BTW- I have found that the headsweats work better than the Santini ones that Performance now sells.

I also have heard, but not tried, a desert motorcross trick of wearing a femine panty liner in the front of the helmet. Not the most appeasing, but I was told that this works.