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Help with bib shorts(3 posts)

Help with bib shortsTall&Skinny
May 23, 2001 12:12 PM
I need some help from the other tall and thin riders. I've been trying to find a correct fitting bib short for a couple months now. Either the short fits well and the straps are too short or the shorts are too big and the straps are just right. I'm 6'2", 160lbs.
re: Help with bib shortsjayz
May 23, 2001 12:53 PM
i am 6'2" 178lbs and i have a size large in Voler.
seems to work fine for me.... although i am sure i am on the end of the limits for height...
the medium would probably be too short in the straps for ya..
dont know if the L will be too big in the waiste for ya though...
re: Help with bib shortsCrotch-crank
May 24, 2001 2:30 AM
I'm 6'1", 175lbs, and have had the same problem. I found that the Performance Century bib shorts (Med) suit a guy with a long torso, but the shoulder straps stretch abit, then you're on the other side of the problem. The gel is abit anoying after awhile as well.

My the shorts that fit...the straps fatigue after four or five nut-splitting rides and washings. I've got pairs of Castelli's and Nalini's (Lg) this spring that initially cranked my crotch when I got out of the saddle, but they've relaxed abit to a really comfortable fit. Also, the chamois fit Castelli and Nalini use is awesome...I'll never go back.

You say you're 160lbs, so maybe your waist/butt is quite abit smaller than mine, and you'd have to get significantly smaller shorts. If this is the might be out of luck without a killer seamstress...

Good luck!