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my bottom bracket clicks at the same spot(6 posts)

my bottom bracket clicks at the same spotshmooo
May 23, 2001 6:14 AM
every pedal revelution..but only when im cranking side to side...its a trek carbon, can i repair it myself, does it maybe need tightening..
Cranks or BB likelyCalvin Jones-Park Tool
May 23, 2001 6:48 AM
The issue likely to be either the crankarm to spindle security, or with the bottom bracket. For the crankarm, make sure it is tight, and use a torque wrench if possible. Secure to at least 300 inch-pounds torque.

The bottom bracket may be loose in the frame, or the bearings may simply be wore out. To check the security in the frame, you must remove the arms.

You will find links to various articles that may be useful here:
re: my bottom bracket clicks at the same spotLen J
May 23, 2001 7:37 AM
Are you sure its your bottom bracket? I have had what I thought was a creaky bottom bracket that has turned out to be something else. Before I messed with my BB I would check the following & eliminate them as possibilities:

Pedals Both where the spindle meets the crank and where the shoe clips in for motion/tightness/lubrication.

Loose chainring bolts. This is my most frequent culprit.

Seat/seatpost. Squeks fom loose seat/seatpost can resonate thru the frame and sound like a BB problem.

In my experience a noise that seems to come from the BB seldom is from the BB. Just my experience.

Good luck.
I agreeDave Hickey
May 23, 2001 8:10 AM
I had the same problem and it was the seat rails needing grease.
re: my bottom bracket clicks at the same spotlive2_bike
May 23, 2001 10:42 AM
My bottom bracket was making a clicking/snapping sound with every pedal revolution too. They took apart my bottom bracket, re-greased it and put it all back together and now it is fine.
re: my bottom bracket clicks at the same spotkyvdh
May 23, 2001 11:03 AM
I'm with some of the other posters. I had a clicking noise too and thought it was my BB. It was driving me crazy. I was about to take it to the LBS before riding a century this weekend. On a weekend ride I tried pedaling one leg at a time to see if it might be something else. Turned out to be the pedal. I took it apart, regreased the bearings and put it back together (it was a little too tight before). No more click. My sanity is returning. I might also mention that I had the same thing happen on my trainer on a different bike. It was driving me crazy until I noticed it was my shoelace hitting the plastic toe clip. Sometimes it's embarrasing to be an engineer because I always look for high tech problems first. Good luck.