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Riding in Baltimore area-(4 posts)

Riding in Baltimore area-Dave1213
May 23, 2001 6:10 AM
I'm heading out to Baltimore area for a conf. next week. I'm planning on renting a bike somewhere. Are there any good ride routes that originate in the downtown area. I'm not at all familiar w/ the area. All I know is that I'm staying very near the convention center.
Any comments?
Pretty Urban...Greg Taylor
May 23, 2001 7:43 AM
I live near Washington, D.C., but I'm sorta familiar with that part of Baltimore. We rode through it as part of our club's ride around the Chesapeake. It's pretty'd be playing in fairly heavy city traffic in and out of town.

Forget the bike and hit the Inner Harbor area and see the sights. Celebrate the Giro and go to "Little Italy" for excellent Italian food. The Baltimore Aquarium is a short walk, and definately worth a look. Camden Yards for an O's game is also a good bet. My favorite, however is the B&O Railroad museum. You HAVE to see this...the roundhouse has a museum, and out in the yard is a collection of HUGE old steam locomotives. If you have any sort of affinity for mechanical things, you have to check this out.
Pretty Urban... (I have to agree...)JL
May 23, 2001 8:37 AM
MHO, if you're staying near the convention center, it's almost the heart of the city. I make a few trips a year to see the O's (from Philly) and I wouldn't want to mess with the traffic on a bike. Like Greg says, there's plenty to do, as you're right in the middle of the Inner Harbor tourist destination. Walk around and see the sights. There's plenty to see/do there. If you can get out of the city to ride, well that may be another story, but I'm not familiar with that aspect of the Baltimore area.

Have fun,

re:Best route out of Downtown Baltimore, etc.HMS
May 23, 2001 9:38 AM
The best routes begin about 8 to 10 miles north of the Baltimore Convention Center. The best way to get out of the city from the Convention Center is to go north on Park Avenue (a north-bound street that begins about two blocks north of the Convention Center and is two blocks west of Charles Street, you also can take Charles Street, but the traffic is heavier); bear right at Chase Street and merge into Cathedral Street (the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall will be on your left); take a right turn at Mt. Royal Avenue; go one block and turn left at Maryland Avenue; take a left at the third traffic light, Lafayette Avenue; go one short block and take a right on Falls Road. At this point you will leave downtown streets with heavy traffic and will parallel the Jones Falls, a stream that largely has been covered by an expressway, which you also will parallel for part of the route. Stay on Falls Road for about 7 to 8 miles, with part of the route going through congested areas. Eventually Falls Road passes over the Baltimore Beltway (I-695). Shortly after you pass over the Beltway, you will see an old inn on the right, the Valley Inn. Just before the inn, take a left onto Hillside Road. From Hillside Road, there are several good routes through the valleys north of Baltimore. If you are interested in some routes through Baltimore County, let me know how far you would want to travel once you have reached Hillside Road.