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KEYWIN and COOMBE pedals?(2 posts)

KEYWIN and COOMBE pedals?dashing OLANO
May 23, 2001 4:07 AM
hi anyone tried these pedals?
i am currently using a set of low end look pedals, and i find they do not have enough tension.

Can anyone recommend theses pedals, are they good? since they are not considered mainstream pedals like look, time etc??
re: KEYWIN and COOMBE pedals?Mel Erickson
May 23, 2001 12:49 PM
I've been using Keywins for about a month. Still dialing them in, needs a cleat placement adjustment on the right shoe. The spring tension is infinitely adjustable and is good. There is enough float for me. Float is not adjustable. Don't know about the durability of the pedal body and cleats yet, too new. Pedal body and cleat are delrin I believe, plastic in other words. Very easy to get into, you slide the front of the cleat into the pedal then rotate your heal inward to click in. The release requires a more deliberate and exagerated heal out rotation. Nothing extreme, just more force than I was used to with my spd's. Became second nature after two rides. Cleat and pedal platform are good sized. Comfort is fine. I wish the cleats had a little more range of adjustment rotationally, however it hasn't prevented me from finding the right position. I'm satisfied soo far. Good pedals and lightweight too.