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May 23, 2001 1:22 AM
I just wanted to express my disappointment with Klein/Trek in handling the
warranty of my Klein Quantum Pro. I found a small crack in my fork about
three months ago (the middle of March). After contemplating whether or not
I wanted to miss a few weeks of races near the end of our Florida racing
season, I decided better to be safe than sorry and that I would send it
back. I figured a couple weeks tops and I would be back on my bike ready to
finish my season.

Although I am not a fan of the local Klein dealer here in Gainesville, FL, I
was told that there was no way around me going through them.unless I wanted
to drive to another town, which I did not want to do. So I bit the bullet
and took it to Gator Cycle. Although I only had a crack in my fork and not
my frame, we had to send the entire frame and fork back to Trek as Gator
Cycle did not have the tools necessary to remove the fork from the Quantum
Pro (as there are special tools needed). Not really a big deal.

I would say two weeks later, I got a call from Gator and they said Trek
found the crack and decided to replace the fork. On top of that, because
they no longer make the jade chameleon color, I got to choose which color I
wanted my frame/folk painted. GREAT!! Now this is good customer service!
I chose glacier blue and could not wait to get my beautiful new bike.

I think another two weeks passed. This seemed a little long, but hey, a new
fork and a new paint job?-I will deal with it. I finally get my frame and
fork back. I am ecstatic! I had a busy couple of days before I realized
that though I sent my bike back to Trek WITH the integrated headset (that
Gator Cycle does not even have the tools to remove), my beautiful new frame
and fork did NOT have a headset installed. Nor was there one included in
the box with the frame. I had a great new looking bike that was completely
useless without the integrated headset that my Klein dealer could not even
install even if I did have it.

I called Trek again early Wednesday morning May 2nd. I spoke with Dana.
Dana pulled my file up and looked through the notes. He said that if I had
sent the frame and fork back with the headset that it would be in his notes
there in my file. He basically told me that I was wrong and that had they
received the frame with the headset, it would be in the notes and they would
have reinstalled the headset before shipping the frame back to me. After
the short argument I had to admit that I was not actually present when Gator
Cycle packed the frame for shipping. So, I was not 100% certain that they
shipped frame with the headset-even though they don't even have the tools to
remove it. Dana agreed to look into the matter and call me back later. He
also suggested that I call Gator Cycle and see if they had my headset.

A quick call later, my beliefs were confirmed. The frame was sent WITH the
headset. Five hours later, I still had not heard from Dana. I called Trek
again and this time spoke with Chuck. Chuck took a completely different
tone with me. Instead of questioning my truthfulness, he quickly accepted
my story and offered to ship the headset out 2nd day air so that I could be
on my bike "by the end of the week." GREAT!! Finally some progress! In
order to expedite the whole process, I agreed to take my bike to Dave's
World Cycle in Orlando (2 hours away) who has the tools to install the

Dave's received the headset Tuesday, April 8th (6 days later), just before
they closed. So, finally on Wednesday, April 8th, they could install the
missing link to my bike. Unfortunately, after examining the headset and
fork, Dave's discovered that Trek had included the wrong fork (one with an 1
1/8" steerer instead of Klein's proprietary 1 1/16" steerer). This wrong
fork was sent to Washington and painted by Klein and then sent to me (I
failed to mention
What a headache...just bad luck I think.. nmlongfellow
May 23, 2001 4:45 AM
I think the problem starts w/your LBSGadfly
May 23, 2001 8:33 AM
Bad luck, bro.

Special tools may be required for the integrated headset, but if they're an authorized Klein dealer, they should have them. Plus, why would you have to remove the headset to remove the fork? I shipped my Q-Pro frame to Chehalis for a repaint (accident, not a warranty issue) and, as I recall, we popped the fork right out, left the headset in.

If you're still having troubles, try asking for Sean Burkey at Klein. (He was there a coupla years ago. I think he's their warranty honcho.)
What a mess....DINOSUAR
May 23, 2001 9:30 AM
If your LBS was an authorized Klein dealer they should have had the tools needed to remove the integrated fork, plain and simple. I'd spend the time and sit down and compose a letter to Gary Klein himself, maybe this is a problem stemming from Klein's merger with Trek. I would think that your fork should have been replaced with another integrated one, that is one of the big upgrades on the QP.
Fop what it's worth I ride a '99 QR, ride some rough roads, have traversed unexpected potholes and even survived a crash with no damage to the fork. I just chipped the paint when I dropped a hex wrench while I was installing new brake shoes/pads.
May 23, 2001 7:42 PM
That is a good example of why proprietary products suck!

Sorry for your problems guy and best wishes for the rest of the season.
May 24, 2001 1:29 AM
dang, that sucks big time. sorry to hear that.