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Any KG281 owners out there?(9 posts)

Any KG281 owners out there?5ive
May 22, 2001 4:29 PM
If you happen to own a KG281 from Look, could you please post your impressions? I currently own a Bianchi steel bike and want to try something that's lighter, faster, better. My main gripes with my Bianchi is that its rear triangle and the BB area feels a bit flexy when climbing or sprinting out of the saddle. So I'm obviously interested in hearing about how stiff or efficient your KG281's feel under these conditions. Another issue is the 'feel'. I own a carbon mountain bike and love the way it performs on the trails, but never been a big fan of its 'muted' feel. The carbon frame seems to dampen the vibration in a way that it's difficult to feel the road.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance.
Does a KG271 count?look271
May 22, 2001 4:37 PM
Here's what I think, FWIW. I love my 271. It's light, stiff (in the bb), and rides really smooth. Extremely stable when cornering. The 281 would be at least as good, probably better. The difference between mine and the 281 is the tubing. Geometry is the same. As for the "dampened" feel of the carbon; I like it. I am still very much aware of the road and it's surface; it just isn't distracting. I've ridden a trek OCLV. That was a dead-feeling bike. The Look is much livelier, IMHO. BTW; I'm 6', 185 so I'm no lightweight. I think you'll love it.
Does a KG271 count?5ive
May 22, 2001 8:59 PM
Thanx so much for your response. Now it's beginning to sound really attractive knowing that a 6' 185lbs. rider finds the bike stiff enough. I've seen those Kelme boys jump out of the saddle and fly up the mountains on kg281s, but they probably all weigh less than their bikes :-). I also appreciate your comparison to Treks 'cause I know exactly what they feel like and that's the riding characteristic I don't happen to like. Perhaps it's due to the fact that Look bikes are lugged and not one-pieced. If you don't mind let me ask you 2 more questions: (1) Looks are generally known to have more relaxed seat/head angles. How does this affect the feel of the bike on flats vs. the hills? (2) Do you think I can make the setup weigh under or close to 17lbs. with Campy Records and light wheelsets? Again, thanx for your input.
Does a KG271 count?look271
May 23, 2001 8:51 AM
As I said, my kg is really stable. I have no difficulty sitting up and taking my hands off the bars to stretch on those long rides. Tracks like a rocket sled on rails! Dances up hills (and there are plenty where I live!). Mine is outfitted w/ Ksyriums, D/A crank, Mektronic shifters, Ultegra brakes calipers and a Selle Italia Pro-link saddle (not the lighest on the mkt), and it weighs in at less than 18lbs. The 281 is lighter than mine, so I think that 17 would be no problem w/your setup. I HIGHLY recommend them (a purely biased opinion!).
ST angle and web address?Ryan
May 23, 2001 8:23 AM
What's the STA on the LOOKS and/or do you have a web address. One of the local shops has started carrying the frames, and I'm interested.
here's the web address:look271
May 23, 2001 3:17 PM
Yes, there are a few of us.Ian
May 22, 2001 9:32 PM
I have had a KG281 for about 10 weeks now. Before that I rode a Trek 5200 for about a year. The KG281 frame seems to be about as stiff as the 5200. It may be ever so slightly less stiff, but I would really be splitting hairs. The HSC-3 fork (steerer tube) flexes more than the Icon Air Rail, but the Icon was a steel steerer that weighed 550 grams where the HSC-3 has a carbon steerer and weighs 350 grams. I don't notice it while riding, only if I stand over the frame and try to flex things.

The Trek did give a really muted feel, which I did like, and the Look does give a more lively ride. It seems to still soak up the large bumps, but keeps you connected enough to feel the small ones.

My bike weighs 17 lbs built with;

Velomax Orion Comp wheels
D/A group except for Ultegra bottom bracket
Speedplay X/2 pedals
Easton EC-90 bar
Deda Newton stem
Chris King headset
Look Ergo-Post seatpost
Flite Gel Ti saddle
Vredestein Tri-Comp tires w/ normal weight tubes

I could get that down close to 16 lbs if I put on a Flite SLR saddle, D/A bottom bracket and lightweight tires and tubes. But I figured those things would cause more hassle than they are worth.

The angles on the Look are within a half degree of the Trek, but that is on a 55cm. On the smaller sizes they get a little more skewed. But, after I bought mine, a friend canceled his 5200 order and bought a KG281 in a 49cm. He says it is the best bike he has ever ridden.

By the way, I'm 5'11" and weigh 210 lbs. I wasn't unhappy with the 5200, but was just going to buy a new bike. I looked at the 5700/5900, but had already seen a few around town. With the Look, there aren't 10 other guys at the group ride with the same bike.

If you have any other questions, fire away.

Yes, there are a few of us.5ive
May 22, 2001 10:49 PM
Thanx Ian. That was extremely helpful info. And yes, I do want to ask you few more questions. One thing I always wondered about was Look's Carbon Ergo post. How do you like them? Is it quality construction? Easy to adjust? Any trouble with KG281's Internal locking seat clamp mechanism? And about the fork: Is there any particular reason why you went with hsc3 over hsc2? And finally, is it 1inch or 11/8? Thanx.
Yes, there are a few of us.Ian
May 23, 2001 6:22 AM
I like the carbon ergo-post. Construction quality is good. And since I have the nude carbon fiber (Barbeque) bike, the post is a perfect match. No problems adjusting the level of the seatpost and you have a ton of fore / aft postions.

No problems with the seat clamp. I set the seatpost and it has stayed put.

The 3 Look forks, HSC-1, HSC-2 and HSC-3 get a little heavier and a little stiffer. The HSC-2 is 15% stiffer than the HSC-1 and the HCS-3 is 15% stiffer than the HSC-2. That stiffness is more in the fork legs than anywhere else. Only the HSC-3 is offered in 1 1/8, but Look frames are 1".

Let me know if you have any more.