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Campy Electron or Nucleon? Are they worth the $100 more?(3 posts)

Campy Electron or Nucleon? Are they worth the $100 more?vram
May 22, 2001 12:25 AM
I am considering a new wheelset to supplement my velocity aerohead rims on daytona hubs. Both the Electron and the Nucleon have received great reviews on this site.

My question is whether I should go for the Nucleons that weigh 30 grams less but cost $100 more compared to the Electrons? I understand that the rims are the same except that the pawls are titanium on the Nucleon and aluminium on the Electrons. Since I will be spending nearly $450 for the Electrons, I don't mind dishing out $100 more if makes a significant difference to the performance of the wheels.

Should I even consider the Ksyriums??? :)
May 22, 2001 7:06 AM
I too am in the market for lightweight wheelset to supplement my bombproof 32h CXP33 rims on Chorus hubs. I'm looking at the Electrons, the Nucleons and a custom set of Speeddream's from Dave Thomas. The best comparison of the Electron's vs. the Nucleon's is at Brandford Bike...

The other two major differences between the two are that 1) the Electrons have round spokes vs. the Nucleon's aero spokes and 2) the Nucleon hubs have a grease port, like standard Record hubs.

Given that the Electron's are less than 100 grams heavier per pair than Nucleon's and $100 less expensive, I'm inclined to go with the Electron's, although the Speeddream option is very compelling - a pair of custom wheels for less $ and lighter weight than the Nucleon's.
cheap sources for Nucleon, Ksyrium...dave
May 22, 2001 12:40 PM
Check out or for lowest prices. has Ksyriums as low as $500. Nucleons are only a little higher. Total Cycling is currently out of Ksyriums in the campy compatible clincher model. I got one of the first sets of campy compatible Ksyriums from totalcycling, last october. They are great wheels, stiff and responsive. They can be trued without removing the tires, and require no rim strips. The braking surface is a little better than campy's since it has a welded seam. Some campy rims, even though machined, still have a little mismatch at the seam.