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Is it worth the risk?...HELP!!(6 posts)

Is it worth the risk?...HELP!!MadMike
May 21, 2001 8:51 PM
I recently sold my old KG171 (over this site's classifieds) and am looking for a new aluminum ride. I have sort of narrowed it down to 2 frames to build on: a Cannondale CAAD 4 or a Viner Pro Team V5. Both come in around $1000 Canadian, both high quality aluminum: Stiff and light. I have ridden the C'Dale, but know little about the Viner. The workmanship and paintjob are lovely, but how do I know how it'll ride. Can someone please help with this U.S. vs Italy problem? Thanks. And any other frame recomendations in or around this price range are welcome.
re: Is it worth the risk?...HELP!!Steve L
May 21, 2001 9:46 PM
I sure like my 2000 Lemond Chambery aluminum frame...haven't tried too many others though. I don't know anything about the Cdale or Viner. In fact, I've never heard of the Viner.
GVH bikes sells Viner frames ...bianchi boy
May 22, 2001 7:24 AM
And Gary Hobbs describes the Viner finish and brazing as second to none. He really raves about the frames, and has photos posted on his website ( They are nice looking frames. He has two models, both with carbon forks and one with carbon stays as well.
re: Is it worth the risk?...HELP!!casati_rider
May 22, 2001 9:56 AM
If you're wanting an aluminum frame you may want to look into Casati. I had my heart set on a Klein Quatum Pro and went to my LBS to test ride one. They happened to be a local dealer for about 20 other brands (Lite Speed, Colnago, etc. ) and had Casati's on display. Took one look at the Casati's and without a doubt the workmanship was the best of any they had. The finish is flawless and there is no signs of welding anywhere on the frame. Took one on a short test ride and fell in love. The following link will give more info

The bike I purchased was already built with Campy Chorus and a perfect fit with the exception of changing to a shorter stem during the fitting. This is my first aluminum bike and was worried about long rides, which I do frequently. I've ridden it 3 times in the last month on rides over 100 miles and feel no worse for wear then on my steel bike and the Casati is much more responsive and fun. It did take a couple of weeks to adjust to how fast the bike responded. I could ride forever on the old bike with no hands and was almost afraid to take my hands off the bars for the first couple of weeks on the Casati. It is built more for the road racer, but I'm more of the serious recreation rider. I like this thing so well, it's hard not to over train.
May 22, 2001 10:14 AM
Casati's are sweet looking bikes indeed. Which model do you have? Not only that, but if you don't mind saying how much did it cost you?
May 22, 2001 4:50 PM
I have the Challenge with full Campy Chorus 10 speed, Mavic Cosmic Elite Wheels. The cost was $3095 plus the pedals. I think frame & fork in the Challenge is about $1500.