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What is everyone's opinion of the Pinarello Paris(4 posts)

What is everyone's opinion of the Pinarello ParisKaReC
May 21, 2001 6:56 PM
I'm thinking about purchaseing a new Paris. But before I do I would like the opinion of all the great riders in this group. Also, is the price worth the ride? I plan on riding this stead about 200 miles a week. Can it withstand the pounding? Is it light enough for riding crits?


It was ridden by Indurain...vram
May 21, 2001 10:20 PM
Pinarello makes some great frames and you can be pretty certain that the Paris will have beautiful paint job and finish and immaculate welds. The frame will be light and stiff and will handle well. It is quite an unique bike too-I bet you wouldn't see too many folks in your area riding Pinarellos.

Depending on how much you are paying for the frameset can one decide whether it is worth the price. If you are paying the list price of $1790 I would suggest that you look at some other frames that are superior. I have seen Pinarello opera for $1850 on the INternet. The Opera will give you a smother ride and will last longer too.

In my book, one of the strongest points for aluminum is its lower price compared to other frame materials. However, if you are paying $1500+ for an aluminium frame I don't think you are maximizing your bang for your buck. You can get very good carbon framesets (Kestrel 200sci) at that price as well as v good titanium bikes (Litespeed Tuscany). I just can't see myself paying 1500+ for an aluminium frameset that probably will not last more than 5 years if ridden hard. I have nothing against aluminium bikes--in fact my last bike was a cannondale cad3 with which I was very happy.

I cringe everytime I see a Colnago C40 or Dreamplus crash in a criterium. That's the nature of criteriums, you are gonna crash. Do you want to crash on your $1500+ frameset? My suggestion to crit riders--ride a Cad4 that you can probably get for under $600. If you crash you won't lose sleep over it.
re: What is everyone's opinion of the Pinarello ParisScottV
May 22, 2001 7:59 AM
I read nothing but good things about this frame. They also have very cool paint jobs. Would I race on one. Not if I was paying for it. I would rather get something like Ti.
I'm currently riding...Ron L.
May 22, 2001 1:34 PM
the Prince, Paris, and the Opera. The Paris and Opera are great riding road bikes. I don't think you can go wrong. If you want something more aggresive go for the Prince, it has more of a crit feel and long on looks.


Of the three I like the Paris best.