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Montauk Century(1 post)

Montauk CenturyThioderek
May 21, 2001 8:01 AM
So did anyone else on this board do the Montauk Century yesterday?

I did the 100 mile ride from Baldwin. 6:15 hours including the rest stops. The worst part of the whole ride was the headwind. It was coming straight at us the whole time at close to 15-20 miles an hour. At some points I think it hit up to 30-35. It was one of the hardest rides mentally I have ever done. The sun was out but I never took my arm warmers off. The wind was that bad.

I was actually in the front of the pack until the last 6 miles. I was pulling a string of people in back of me and felt my right calf start to cramp up with about 15 miles to go. I tried to ignore it and slammed some water really quick-not that it would do any good. I kept moving, trying to keep a smooth motion in the pedal stroke. On a hill within the last 6 miles I lost it, my calf went beserk and it was all I could do to recover. I just gritted through it and kept going. 2 people got ahead of me and I realized that I couldnt catch them and took it easy the rest of the way in and ended up being the 4th biker to come in for the 100 mile ride. There was another group that did the 130 mile ride that really went all out also. They started at 5 in the morning and really had a hard ride.

I was on the 3:30 train out of Montauk and we didnt get our bikes outside of Penn station until 8:35 PM. That was the most miserable part of the ride. Waiting for the bikes.

I feel sorry for the people who took the 5:00 and 7:30 trains out. They probably didnt get their bikes until after 1 in the morning. They missed the season finale for the Sopranos. I feel sorry for them.

Any thoughts on the ride from anyone.