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veteran motorcyclist having trouble with bicycle steering...(1 post)

veteran motorcyclist having trouble with bicycle steering...smokey422
May 20, 2001 8:04 PM
i just bought a new Lemond Poprad and love the bike except for a couple of things; i cannot get used to the twitchy steering of this machine. it seems like the tiniest movement will put the machine in a weave or in the other lane(or both). i watched the machine being set up and the problem is not the headset. i'm a long-time motorcycle service technician and am familiar with setting up neck bearings on a cycle. i did even try tightening them a bit, but it did no good so i returned them to the original setting. tires are the stock bontrager cyclocross tires and i have tried pressures from 45-80#(the recommended range). it's so bad that i'm reluctant to take my hand from the bars to signal other traffic. i also am having a hard time getting used to the bar-end shifters. this seems like the clumsiest place they could put them. also can cause knee interference(i'm 6'4").
are the steering problems due to the fact that i have ridden motorcycles of all kinds for 29 years and am used to heavier, more stable steering? the service manager at the shop where i bought the bike has a Poprad, too, and changed the shifters back to the normal style. i may end up having him do that to mine, too, if i keep having problems adapting to the bar-end shifters. any ideas would be GREATLY