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Resurecting Trek Tri 700. Info?(1 post)

Resurecting Trek Tri 700. Info?Berkeley Mike
May 19, 2001 11:43 PM
From the bowels of a friends' garage I am bringing back this old Trek Tri 700 for my road use. The Trek people couldn't identify it.
I can only guess at the age of the bike; easily 10 plus years. The serial number is 0233620. The steel frame is black which softly
transitions into white. It is black at the drops and bottom bracket,
and at the head tube and the parts near it on the top and down tubes. It is white at the junction of the seat stays, seat, and top tubes. The
frame is gusseted.
Cable routing for the rear brake is atop the top tube
through three steel guides. Routing for the derailleurs is along the bottom of the down tube, under the bottom bracket and, for the rear, through the derailleur-side chainstay. The "Trek" decals on the down tube are yellowish gold and square with a sort of Speed Style streaking to the left off of the main horizontal element in the font.
The components are Shimano 600.
Does anyone have experience with this bike? Would you share some ideas about the geometry and how this frame was best developed?