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Bigfoot looking for big shoes(7 posts)

Bigfoot looking for big shoesviking24
May 19, 2001 10:50 PM
I have size 15 feet and you know what they say about men with big feet------they wear big shoes! Anyway, does anyone know what brands of road cycling shoes run that large and where I can find them?
re: Bigfoot looking for big shoesAkirasho
May 19, 2001 11:27 PM
Sidi makes 'em (I'm a size 14 (49 Euro) so I know of what ye speaks...)

Many shops carry Sidi, but you'll probably have to special order 'em... or order from mailorder (Colorado Cyclist/Excel/etc.) Shops I visit, only carry shoe stock for normal people.

Be the bike.
Don't buy the NikesLargo
May 20, 2001 7:38 PM
Although they are nice, Nike revamped their lasts a few years ago, and now their size 15 fits like a 14.
As the above poster said, go Sidi, its our only choice.
re: Bigfoot looking for big shoesStewK
May 21, 2001 6:04 AM
Vittoria has size 50.

There's also a company that advertises cusom shoes in the back of Bicycling Magazine.
Sidi to size 52, Diadora, Nike (but they run small).Retro
May 21, 2001 10:21 AM
Nashbar and Performance both carry size 15/50 sometimes, but not always. I got a pair of dirt-cheap Diadora ($39.99) road shoes last winter from Perf.--they're entry level, marked down from $70, but fine for just riding around. Also have a pair of size 15 Nike Ngubas from a couple of years ago that I've tried on but haven't used yet (as you probably know, when you see a pair of 15s, you have to buy 'em because you never know when you'll get another chance). They fit fine, but Nikes seem smaller to me now, too.
Sidi makes the Dominator and I think another model up to size 52, and the Mega model is 4mm wider than the standards. Nashbar carries those for $180.
re: Bigfoot looking for big shoesviking24
May 21, 2001 6:19 PM
Thank you all---I've had that problem w/Nikes in my other shoes, they do fit small. I checked the Rocket7 website for custom shoes--$499.00!!
I'll check all the options.
Thanks again, you've saved me a lot of pain and rejection. We big foots have to stay together, but we can't shop at the same store.
re: Bigfoot looking for big shoesviking24
May 26, 2001 11:39 AM
Now I know what shoes to look for, are there any particular pedals I should look for? I was leaning toward Time or Speedplay because they are supposed to be easier on the knees, but (this sounds dumb) because I have freakishly large feet, do the pedals matter?