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Torelli Frames(6 posts)

Torelli FramesDomenic
May 19, 2001 4:00 PM
Anybody out there have a Torelli frame? Do you like it? I am looking at getting one of their Nemo frames with the Datyona 2x10 groupset. Any opinions on it good or bad?
1. Yes. 2. Yesmike mcmahon
May 19, 2001 5:01 PM
To answer your first two questions as succinctly as possible. For the past five-plus years, I have had a Torelli EL-OS (Nitro Express?) equipped with Chorus 8-speed. It recently became my back-up bike when I got a custom Strong Foco. The Torelli is a great bike and you get great customer service. Bill (the owner) at Torelli is likely to answer the phone if you call Torelli and will do his level best to answer all questions (stupid or otherwise) and solve any problems related to his products. In my experience, Bill is passionate about bikes and about serving his customers.

From what I understand, most of the higher-end Torellis (and I believe that would include Nemo) are manufactured by Mondonico (no slouch) and labeled as Torelli. They are built in the classic Italian "stage" style and are comfortable on long rides yet still responsive. I don't know a lot about the Nemo tubeset, so I can't help you there.

The only problem I've had with my Torelli is rust. However, I think that's my problem and not a Torelli problem. I have a fairly substantial amount of rust at the seat tube lug. I believe this occurred because of a combination of two things: 1) paint chips caused by frame pump and 2) allowing the bike to "air-dry" after rides where it got wet (as the old saying goes "Rode hard and put away wet"). If you're seriously considering a Torelli talk to whoever is selling you the bike or Bill directly and ask what Torelli does to "rust-proof" its bikes (e.g., Framesaver, etc.). That said, rust treatment wouldn't have done me much good because in my case the rust started from the outside with paint chips.

So, now that I've neared the end of my novel, I can't close by saying that I liked my Torelli so much that I would buy another one, because I didn't do that. I bought a Strong. However, the Torelli was/is a real workhorse and I haven't regretted buying it for a minute.

Good luck, Mike
Strong foco question...Wessley
May 19, 2001 6:12 PM
So how do you like the Strong foco,and how is it different from the Torelli? I ask,because I have several Italian bikes and got a killer deal on an unbuilt Strong Foco that has the same measurements as two of my Italian bikes that fit me well. Have been so busy riding,I haven't had time to build it,and it will probably be a winter project.
Strong foco answer...mike mcmahon
May 19, 2001 6:18 PM
In all honesty, the Strong Foco is the best bike I've ever had. The geometry and measurements are a little different from the Torelli: Torelli has a 73.5 seat tube and Strong 73. Also, the top tube on the Strong is 1 cm longer than the Torelli. Other than that, they're similarly built, so I don't know how to explain what I find to be a substantially better ride on the Strong. It gives me that feeling that it disappears under me; I never quite got that with the Torelli. Everybody I've heard from loves Carl's Foco frames. My guess is that you'll join the club once you build it. Good luck with it and be sure to post the results when you've had a chance to put a few miles on it.

Tubing information and SpecsJonathan Zook
May 20, 2001 8:12 AM
If you're interested, Columbus's website has very detailed information about it entire line of tubesets. Go to

This will give you some idea about the fabrication and structural differences between tubsets, but unfortunately not riding differences.
Go for the Nitro ExpressSY
May 20, 2001 11:31 AM
The EL-OS is fantastic. Torelli bikes aren't magic carpet rides, but I think they are a good compromise between comfort and stiffness.

One of the best qualities is the stability on decents. These bikes are dialed in! I have great confidence when going downhill and turning. It's fantastic!

You may also want to consider Mondonico's Foco frame, EL-OS, and perhaps the Diamond Extra/Express OS. The DE/Exp OS is made out of Neuron, which is a stiffer tubeset than EL-OS. Talk to Bill and find the frame suits you best. If you are a flyweight, the nemo might be worth it. If you like standing climbs or sprinting, you may want to get a stiffer frame. Frame weight is overhyped. Get the one with the ride qualities and characteristics that suit your riding style.

Torelli also has carbon fork options. If you get a carbon fork with a threadless stem and nice wheels, you could have yourself a fantastic ride! Ok, time to go and ride the torelli again :)

Good luck!